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10 Ways to Save Money on College Textbooks

College bookstores and publishers have been making a fortune off of students for years, and before the days of the Internet, students were largely at their mercy.  These days, though, with a little legwork, students can find ways to save money on textbooks.  Here are some tips to help you work the system.

  1. Buy your books used at an online store.  Check out sites like and that have a selection of used books.  The trick is this: buy your books between the middle and the end of the semester, when demand is low, so you can get the best prices.  This requires you to find out what books you will need ahead of time, which is easy enough.  Just ask the professor or the department secretary.
  2. Sell your used books on an online store. Selling books back to a college bookstore rarely gets you top dollar. Instead, sell your books at or other online store.  This is really easy to do and does not require much technical knowledge, and yes, you get reimbursed for your postage as part of the transaction.  The trick is to sell the books online at the beginning of the semester or slightly before, because this is when demand is high.  To get the maximum price, keep your books in good condition and don’t mark up the pages. Read the rest of this entry »

Wordless Wednesday: College Textbooks

college textbooks

Why do college textbooks have to be so expensive?


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