Concord schools

Concord schools

Schools Fine Students $500 for Skipping Class

In a San Francisco suburb, too many students are skipping class. The Concord school system is out to trump truancy by fining students up to $500 if they miss a class unexcused.

“There are a lot of students that are not getting to school regularly,” Vice Mayor Ron Leone said. “We need to make sure they get to school.”

The new daytime curfew ordinance was approved on Tuesday, July 12, 2011. Public school students could be given a hefty fine during school hoursĀ if they are in a public place when they are supposed to be in school. Private school students and home school students would be exempt from the law.

Concord police Lt. David Hughes said that burglaries, fights and loitering have been linked to truancy.

“It’s the deterrence factor here where we see the importance,” Hughes said.

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