Common Condom Myths: What You Really Need to Know

several condoms in packages without brandIn light of the fact that April is STD Awareness Month, we’re taking a look at what students really need to know about staying protected against STDs. According to the CDC, half of new STD infections occur among high school and college-age people, and the age group between 15 and 24 accounts for 25 percent of the sexually active population in the U.S.

Many colleges encourage students to use condoms and get tested regularly, yet these efforts often do not provide students with all the information they need to stay protected against STDs. Although many college students are savvy about avoiding unwanted pregnancies, staying safe against diseases like HPV, gonorrhea and chlamydia is too often a secondary concern.

It all comes down to condoms, which are the only effective means of preventing sexually transmitted diseases from spreading for sexually active people. Most colleges and universities provide students with free condoms, yet students do not always ch0ose to use them. We take a look at common condom myths, and some expert rebuttals.

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Boston High Schoolers Make the Case for Free Condoms

Boston Students

Students Meet with Boston City Council. Image via CBS Boston.

This week, high school students, educators and health experts met with members of the Boston city council to discuss making free condoms available in schools. Those in favor of the measure are using New York as a model, where condoms have been freely available in schools for 17 years.

“I think that teens are responsible and they want to make the right decisions for themselves, but they need the tools to make them,” said 17-year-old Kimpsha Grant in the meeting. Many hope that the measure will also improve sex education in schools. “It would be healthy because kids would learn how to do things in a safe manner,” said Samantha Brea, another student.

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Have Sex and Do Good with Sir Richard’s Condoms

Sir Richards Although most colleges provide students with free condoms, some may wish to upgrade their safe-sex with a package of Sir Richard’s condoms. Not only do these designer condoms come in appealing plaid packages, they are also helping promote safe sex in developing countries. For every condom you buy from Sir Richard’s, they will donate a condom to a country in need. This not only stems the spread of Sexually Transmitted Infections, but it also supports women’s rights and sexual health.

Described as the “Toms Shoes of Condoms” by Refinery 29, Sir Richard’s is currently teaming up with Partners in Health Haiti to distribute condoms among people who have been displaced by the 2010 earthquake. Though Partners in Health Haiti, about two million condoms a year are distributed at 11 different locations.

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Trojan Condoms Grades Universities With Sexual Health Report Card

condomsTypically, students go to college and are graded on what they learn. Now, the shoe is on the other foot because Trojan Condoms is grading schools on how well they teach students…about sexual education.

Trojan Condoms recently released its Sexual Health Report Card. This report grades schools on 12 areas of sexual health, including the availability of condoms on campus, STI testing locations, and if the school offers any lecture programs about safe sex.

“Students are really rallying to get their hands on accurate and intelligent material with respect to sexuality,” said Logan Levkoff, a PhD certified sexologist. “They’re fighting for classes, they’re fighting for access to services.” Read the rest of this entry »


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