Students Support Their Drug Dealer Teacher in New Jersey

This year, it is no under statement that teachers across America have been reprimanded for their inappropriate behavior. From teachers fired for friending students on Facebook, to past CraigsList prostitutes, it seems the notable teacher profession is becoming plagued with indecencies.

The most recent unacceptable behavior comes from Berkeley Heights, New Jersey where Governor Livingston High School students are rallying behind their 26 year-old teacher in support, despite his arrest for allegedly supplying drugs and alcohol to his students…in his apartment!

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Ole Miss Changes Mascot but is Still Turning Up Controversy


Photo Credit: Associated Press

The University of Mississippi, known more commonly as Ole Miss, was founded in 1848, and has been dealing with issues regarding its official school mascot since 2003. Because of the controversy, administration removed the current mascot: southern plantation era, white-haired “Colonel Reb”.

Critics often referred to Colonel Reb as racist and insensitive, so the university felt it was necessary to change it, but until now, the school remained unofficially represented for the past 7 years.

The university decided that a student committee would spearhead the selection process for the new mascot. Eleven initial suggestions were narrowed down to a land shark, a black bear and a muscled male character known as Hotty Toddy (to be named after the college’s spirit chant). Read the rest of this entry »


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