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Cornell Hosts First 80th Class Reunion

Few of us know where we’ll be when we reach the age of 101, that is, if we aspire to live that long.  Rosemary Hunt Todd, who’s just a little over a century old, graduated from Cornell University in 1931 and came back to sing the Alma Mater, the fight song, and to celebrate Cornell University‘s first 80th reunion.

Though Todd was the only one that made it to the reunion last Thursday, she was nonetheless elated to be back and enjoyed the warm welcome that she received from other alumni.

“It’s overwhelming,” she announced at the reunion. “I appreciate it to no end. I just can’t believe this would ever happen.”

Most would think the reason that Todd was the only one to show up to the reunion was because she was the only one still alive. Surprisingly, 30 class members are still kicking.

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Cornell Receives $80 Million to Fund Research Center

cornell universityCornell University is receiving the largest gift the school has ever received from an individual. The University announced last Thursday that it was getting a gift of $80 million from alum David Atkinson.

Seventy-two-year-old Atkinson, who graduated from Cornell’s agriculture college in 1960, made his fortune on Wall Street and now owns and manages an investment firm.

The gift is to fund a research center that will produce more effective and less adverse practices in agriculture, medicine, energy and other constantly-changing arenas in economic growth. Read the rest of this entry »

Peer-Pressure Giving: Senior Gift

donations-jarThe senior gift is a tradition at many colleges and universities. Students and student governments approach fund raising for this monitory offering to their soon-to-be alma mater in a variety of different ways, from direct donations to elaborate events. The percentage of seniors who give back upon graduation is obviously a point of pride for the class, and a marketable statistic for the college. But is pressure to donate getting out of hand at some schools?

Although anonymous giving is often praised, it’s not an option for senior classes who wish to boast their senior-gift participation. At Dartmouth College last year, Laura A. DeLorenzo was the only student who decided against making a donation, and in turn was blasted with criticism by the student newspaper and blog, The Little Green Blog. The New York Times reports that the class had been offered an additional $100,000.00 if they could get every student to contribute.

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Most Expensive Colleges for the 2010-2011 School Year

The Most Expensive College in America: Sarah Lawrence

The Most Expensive College in America: Sarah Lawrence

College is expensive and, thus, a luxury, but despite tuition rates on the rise across America and an economic recession, many universities are still meeting and exceeding enrollment goals. Some speculate that the steady enrollment is because people chose to go back to school, or stay in school, if they can’t find a job.

But how much are you willing to invest in your future?

Since 2000, public university’s tuition rates increased, on average, at a rate of 46.5% and private non-profit schools averaged an increase of 30.8%. Read the rest of this entry »

College Grads More Likely to Get Married

weddingIf you’re looking to settle down and get married, you might want to get a degree before looking for your soul mate.

A recent study released by the Pew Research Center reported that adults are more likely to get married by the age of 30 if they have a bachelor’s degree than young adults that do not obtained one.

“There’s a double whammy going on for the people who aren’t college-educated,” said Richard Fry, from the research center. “They are facing difficult employment, and they are less likely to enter into marriage and receive the economic benefits marriage provides.”

Two decades ago, it was more probable for people without college degrees to wed, Fry said. Married couples without higher education relied on the benefits of marriage to counterbalance their low-income wages. Read the rest of this entry »

The Most Unusual College Courses

A tree climbing course at Cornell University

A tree climbing course at Cornell University

In addition to American literature and psychology 101, some students can add queer musicology or tree climbing to their class schedule. Whether students are trying to find an easy filler class or just wanting to try something completely new, these unusual college courses seem to be popping up all over the country.

According to the Huffington Post College, here’s a list of some of the most unusual and coolest college courses:

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Students and Depression

depressed studentEvery college student knows that ridiculous amounts of stress are part of the college experience. We struggle with trying to pick a college majorthat will get us a job we will actually like, pull all-nighters for exams that are worth a majority of our grade, have fights with friends and family members, and worry about trying to find a job in a bad economy.

College is also a time of change.

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Cornell University Students Commit Suicide

cornell universityStudents at Cornell University are dealing with the tragic deaths of three classmates in the past month. Alone. These students are suspected of committing suicide by jumping off the bridges that span the gorges on Cornell’s campus.

This brings the total number of student suicides at Cornell up to six this year alone. In response to this shocking trend, campus guards have been placed on these bridges to prevent more students from jumping.

Cornell has long been known as a “suicide school,” due to the rocky gorges that surround campus and that students have to cross daily. However, in the last ten decades, this nickname has become very accurate. Cornell suffers almost as many suicides per year as the national average, with 7.5 each year for every 100,000 students. Cornell has a student population of 20,000, but with six suicides already, they are quickly on their way to surpassing the annual average. These suicides are largely blamed on stress and depression.

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