Kansas Universities Lower Degree Requirements

Kansas University

Kansas University

When I was accepted to the University of Oklahoma, I received a list of all of the classes and hours I would need in order to graduate. I’ve been chipping away at my required hours for four years, and finally graduation is in sight.

With those numbers being your end goal for so long, can you imagine if the requirements for graduation changed while you were a student? What if suddenly a change in requirements affected when you would graduate? For students at universities in Kansas, this is an issue they now have to face.

According to the Associated Press, The Kansas Board of Regents announced on October 21, 2010 that they would decrease the minimum number of hours needed for a bachelor’s degree from 124 to 120. This will affect students, but not necessarily in a bad way. Students now need less education to graduate than they did last semester, which will make graduating easier. Read the rest of this entry »

Fake College Degrees

diplomaToday’s current economy and competitive job market has led some job seekers to desperate measures. Those trying to stand out for a certain position might feel that they can have an edge if they produce a degree from a more renowned school than the one they attended. Whatever the motivation, these scenarios may help explain the rapid rise in the sales of fake college degrees.

There are companies out there that actually sell people fake college degrees, fake high school diplomas, fake transcripts and fake certificates. Several of the web sites engaged in these sales state that the items they sell are strictly for novelty purposes, yet they take extra care to make sure the documents look as authentic as possible.

Most websites that offer fake college degrees and transcripts will send you a proof before your purchase is complete; to make sure the documents meet your approval. Options are available for rush shipping on most sites so that you can get your documents in a hurry.

There are other reasons that some people would imagine buying a fake degree.

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Higher Levels of Education Equal Lower Unemployment Rates

job industryThe job market is struggling. The national unemployment rate has been hovering around ten percent for months. However, a new study shows one way you can increase your chances of getting a job: Higher education.

According to, the higher degree of education a person has, the lower his or her chances of being unemployed become. Also, people with higher levels of education can expect a higher salary level. 

Let’s break it down:

Less than a High School Diploma: The average person who has not earned their high school diploma can expect a salary level of $426, and an unemployment rate of nine percent.

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Benefits of Taking Summer Classes

summer schoolMy favorite three things about being in school are:
1.    June
2.    July
3.    August

Summer break. It’s a great time to recover from the stresses of college classes, final exams, and maintaining your social life. It’s can be the perfect time to focus on your social life, getting a tan, and possibly getting a summer job or summer internship so you’ll have some spending money.

Or, you could do something beneficial for your education and take summer school.

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5 High Paying Careers Without a College Degree

Network administrators is just one of many jobs that do not require a college degree.

Network administrators is just one of many jobs that do not require a college degree.

Although having a college degree makes it easier to have a high-paying career, it is not necessary. So for those who do not want to spend four years in a classroom, here is a list of high-paying jobs with no degree required.
1. Court Reporter – Court reporters enjoy great job security because there will always be a demand for this position. People who enjoy the drama of a courtroom and are interested in legal practices would thrive in this career. The average yearly salary is $47,275.

2. Network Administrator – A network administrator, according to Wikipedia,  is “a modern profession responsible for the maintenance of computer hardware and software that comprises a computer network.” So, if you know the ins and outs of computers, this could be a great job for you. The average yearly salary is $49,801. Read the rest of this entry »

Is the Degree You’re Working Toward Worth the Paper it’s Printed on?

Is Your Degree From a Properly Accredited School?

Is Your Degree From a Properly Accredited School?

When researching colleges, which criteria are most important to you? Unless you want to spend the next few years working toward a degree only to find that it isn’t recognized by the company that is interviewing you for your dream job, researching the accreditation of your school of choice is imperative. Accreditation lends legitimacy to your degree by ensuring that your school of choice meets a set of standards set forth by the institution that issues such accreditation. Most schools you consider attending will be able to claim that they are accredited, but by who? It is equally important to understand who is issuing the accreditation and what value that accreditation has for you before selecting a school. Read the rest of this entry »


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