4 Common Roommate Conflicts and How to Resolve Them

If you haven’t had your first conflict with your roommate yet, you eventually will. It’s only normal for arguments to arise while sharing such a tiny space. Resolving conflict is all about being reasonable and coming to a mutual agreement.

Don’t avoid the big elephant in the room. Talk about your issues openly while still respecting the other person.

Here are four common roommate conflicts and ways to resolve them:

The neat-vs.-messy conflict: We all know that neat-freaks and slobs don’t make the perfect roommate match, but that doesn’t mean it can’t work out. Neat freaks tend to have a handful of pet peeves that irritate them to no end, but they can generally overlook the rest. If you’re the slob in this roommate relationship, find out what those pet peeves are, and try to avoid them. If you’re the neat-freak, understand that he or she lives there too, and your roommate wants to make their dorm feel like home, not Grandma’s house.

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What a Republican Congress Means for Education

Written by Jason Knapfel

With the midterm elections come and gone, the public has spoken strongly. Whether the elections’ outcome was a definitive vote against the Obama Administration or just a general “vote the bums out” statement with people still feeling uneasy about the economy is up for debate. Let’s just deal with the facts as we know them. The House of Representatives swung strongly towards the Republicans, and the Senate, while still under Democratic control, saw gains on the Republican side of the aisle as well.

What does this mean for the state of education? Well, a more conservative congress means a little more sway for the Republican platform on education policy. Let’s take a look at some of the party’s stances:

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School District Sued For Influencing Votes on High School Field Trip

VoteEverywhere you look today in America, there is pressure or encouragement to vote., the popular social networking page has an application on the homepage asking if users have voted today. has a map option to see where the nearest voting facility is. Twitter is trending #govote. MTV is still sponsoring their political involvement campaign ‘Vote or Die’.

It seems political activist groups and parents at a Cincinnati high school are not happy about the one place they feel students should not be discussing politics: their school.

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Texas Makes Conservative Changes to History Classes

Texas debates textbooks. Image Via the Associated Press

Texas debates textbooks. Image Via the Associated Press

For me, history classes seemed to be unbiased and without a political agenda. Maybe it’s because I grew up in Kansas, but when my teachers taught me about the civil rights movement, I never thought that they were pressing political views on me. But I guess they think differently in Texas.

The Texas School Board plans to make history more conservative. Last Friday, the school board decided to amend the previous history and social studies curriculum and mandated a new one. The new Texas school curriculum will modify or water down the teaching of slavery, the Civil Rights movement and America’s relationship with the U.N., in addition to several other items.

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Students with Landline Phones are Politically Conservative

How many people in your college classes have a landline? Unless they’re living at home with their grandparents, it’s likely to be slim to none. In fact, only one percent of Amherst College‘s incoming class have a landline.

Given that this is an election year, phone lines having burning up with political pollers. These political polls are traditionally done via landline and a correlation between those who are conservative/Republican were most likely to have those landlines. Some are even suggesting that this means these polls are over-reporting Republican data and under-reporting Democratic data.

So the Pew Researchers (they call themselves a “nonpartisan fact tank”) became interested. They conducted three polls this year with young people, they defined as under 30,-  20-25 percent of those polled were contacted via mobile phone and their responses were put against the 75 percent reached on landlines.

What they found could have a serious effect on the future of polling via landlines:

Young people who use landlines are more likely to be Republican than young people who use mobile phones.

Do you think future pollsters will take this data into consideration? And do you think the polls currently in the media have been influenced by this?

Are Democrats More Educated Than Republicans?

So who’s smarter, Democrats or Republicans?

That’s quite the controversial question, of course.  According to a blogger at, though, it seems that Democrats are more educated than Republicans. Or hey, let me rephrase that.  People in the “blue states” (states that typically vote Democratic) are collectively more educated than people in the “red states” (states that typically vote Republican).

According to

  • States that voted for Kerry in 2004 had 21 percent more college graduates than states that voted for Bush.
  • The states that ranked the lowest for high school and college graduates were all red states.
  • Eight out of 10 of the states that ranked the highest for high school college graduates were blue states. (The number one state, by far, is Colorado — technically a red state because it went for Bush by a small margin, but effectively a “purple” state because it’s become so politically mixed.)

Is this a bunch of hooey, or is there something to this?  What do you think?

You can also see the educational background and alma maters of the Republican candidates, John McCain and Sarah Palin, and Democratic candidates, Barack Obama and Joe Biden, to see how they compare.


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