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Dan Quayle Education Background

44th Vice President Dan Quayle

44th Vice President Dan Quayle

Born James Danforth in Indianapolis, Indiana on February 4, 1947 to James and Martha and James Danforth, Dan was an only child. Being the grandson of a wealthy newspaper publisher, he moved when he was eight years old to Arizona so that his father could manage one of the branches of the company business. They moved back to Indiana when Dan started high school and he graduated from Huntington High in 1965.

He enrolled at DePauw University, and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Sciences. He then returned to Indiana and served in the National Guard while attending law school at Indiana University. He earned his law degree in 1974, and met his future wife, Marilyn. Read the rest of this entry »

Barbara Kingsolver Education Background

barbara-kingsolverWriter Barbara Kingslover was born in 1955 in Annapolis, MD, but spent her childhood in rural Kentucky. When she was seven, she and her family lived in the Congo briefly while her physician father and her mother worked in a medical camp.

After high school, Kingslover enrolled in DePauw University. While there, she won a musical scholarship and studied classical piano. Like many students of the time, she was an activist and protested against the war in Vietnam.

Soon realizing that the job market for musicians was very small, she changed her major to biology and earned a Bachelor in Science degree in 1977. She then spent a year living abroad in France before settling down in Tucson, Arizona, where she spent most of the next 20 years of her life. She earned a Master’s degree in evolutionary biology and ecology from the University of Arizona at Tucson during her time there. Read the rest of this entry »


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