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Students and Depression

depressed studentEvery college student knows that ridiculous amounts of stress are part of the college experience. We struggle with trying to pick a college majorthat will get us a job we will actually like, pull all-nighters for exams that are worth a majority of our grade, have fights with friends and family members, and worry about trying to find a job in a bad economy.

College is also a time of change.

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Cornell University Students Commit Suicide

cornell universityStudents at Cornell University are dealing with the tragic deaths of three classmates in the past month. Alone. These students are suspected of committing suicide by jumping off the bridges that span the gorges on Cornell’s campus.

This brings the total number of student suicides at Cornell up to six this year alone. In response to this shocking trend, campus guards have been placed on these bridges to prevent more students from jumping.

Cornell has long been known as a “suicide school,” due to the rocky gorges that surround campus and that students have to cross daily. However, in the last ten decades, this nickname has become very accurate. Cornell suffers almost as many suicides per year as the national average, with 7.5 each year for every 100,000 students. Cornell has a student population of 20,000, but with six suicides already, they are quickly on their way to surpassing the annual average. These suicides are largely blamed on stress and depression.

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