Elementary School Alumni Group Helps Current Students Realize Their Potential

Detroit SchoolWhen most people think about Detroit Public Schools, they think about debt and the school district’s challenges with keeping students in school. However, a brighter subject that is often overlooked is the way that many educators, student, and members of the community are working toward a common goal: strengthening the schools and improving the quality of education that the students receive.

This effort to improve the school district has been going on since the 1990s. In 1996, alumni from an elementary school formed the Pasteur Elementary School Alumni Foundation in order to improve the lives of the students who currently attend the elementary school. They do so by providing books and funding field trips and scholarships for the students. Last year, the foundation sent 28 students and their parents to Florida to visit the Kennedy Space Center. The trip cost was paid for with donations that were made to the school by alumni in 2011.

The members of Pasteur Elementary School Alumni Foundation do not only donate money to the school, they also donate their time. There are currently 231 members in the foundation and it has a database of 1,300 alumni. These alumni encourage students to stay in school by sharing stories of their own successes and how an education helped them achieve their goals.

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School Pride Restores Communications and Media Art High School in Detroit for Episode 4

school pride detroitNBC continues to travel around the country renovating America’s schools on their hit show School Pride. This week, the team headed to a Detroit, Michigan high school that was in danger of being shut down by their school district.

Comparable to previous episodes, Former Miss USA and Designer Susie Castillo, Comedian Kim Whitley, Political Journalist Jacob Soboroff and Team Leader and Voice Over Host Tom Stroup, come together to spearhead the restoration project of the school.

Communications and Media Art High School (CMA) is one of the most academically successful schools in the state, yet the institution itself has been crumbling for years. It boasts a 97% attendance rate, proving that the students want to be in the building, it is just unfortunately unsafe, with no available funds to fix it. Read the rest of this entry »

Parents Possibly Jailed for Missing School Conferences

male teacherEducation is under fire in our country. Many students are falling behind and the education system is facing a lot of criticism. Teachers are dealing with overcrowded classrooms and, in some cases, unruly students. Many parents blame teachers for underachieving students but questions fly on what responsibility parents hold.

Teachers have a hard time doing their job when parents don’t take an interest in their child’s education. One Detroit prosecutor wants to hold parents responsible. Wayne County prosecutor Kym Worthy has proposed that parents who miss their child’s parent-teacher conferences serve jail time.

Worthy’s rash proposal is to call attention to the direct link in youth crimes and parental education involvement. If children don’t feel like their parents care about their education, they also don’t take an interest and turn to crime as a way to get attention. Read the rest of this entry »

Communication & Media Arts High School in Detroit, Michigan Featured on NBC’s School Pride

Communication & Media Arts High School

Communication & Media Arts High School

Communication & Media Arts High School in Detroit, Michigan featured on NBC’s School Pride.

Production and renovation for on NBC’s School Pride occurred from August 1 to August 7, 2010.

Established: 1992

Grades: 9-12

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Graduates Beware: Worst Places to Live in the U.S.



As a newly minted graduate, I frequently get asked why I chose to move all the way from Michigan to New York. The simple answer is there are more writing jobs to be found in New York. For many recent college grads there’s one issue that determines where they live or move: jobs.

I was actually surprisingly pleased to see that the Motor City didn’t come up as first on this list of worst places to live in U.S. from Wallet Pop. The major factors considered include the number of foreclosures, health and fitness of the population, crime rate and unemployment.

Here’s how the nation’s cities ranked:

10. Memphis, Tennessee

Not only does Memphis have a crime rate that’s 90% higher than any other community in Tennessee, it also suffers from corruption among city officials. Not long ago, a city administrator used government funds to purchase big screen TVs.

9. Miami, Florida

Florida may be the sunshine state, but things are not looking so bright in Miami. According to Children’s Health, it’s the second worst city to raise a family. It’s had nearly 40,000 foreclosures and also has a considerable problem with violent crime.

8. Newark, New Jersey

First of all, New Jersey has the most Superfund sites of any other state in the union, meaning its residents are exposed to high levels of environmental pollution. More than a quarter of the population lives below the poverty line, and the city is making drastic cuts to public services in an attempt to close a $70 million budget deficit.

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Numerous Detroit Public Schools to Close

lockedAs a result of a $219 million dollar budget cut, 25 percent of the 172 Detroit, Michigan public schools will close starting in June of this year.

The loss comes from a plan to “create a leaner, smarter [Detroit Public School District] by taking into account city-wide demographic trends,” according to Robert Bobb, the emergency financial manager for Detroit’s public schools.

From 2000 to the beginning of 2008, the metropolitan Detroit area lost 150,000 jobs due to decline of the auto industry. According to The Detroit News, the number of Michigan residents leaving the state rose 25 percent between 2001 and 2007, while the number of new residents moving in fell by nearly one-third.

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Detroit Announces School Closings and Teacher Layoffs

detroit-public-schoolsThe times just keep getting tougher for Detroit. In a statement released Thursday, the district announced it planned to close 23 schools and layoff 600 teachers in an effort to close the gap on a more than $300 million defecit. The 195-school district is struggling. Enrollment is down by about half since the 1990s, probably in part due to a struggling auto industry forcing families out of the city. The district has been deemed to be in a state of financial emergency by Robert Bobb, a financial overseer put in place by the governor after the superintendent was let go in December.

What does this mean for the students? About 7,500 students will be re-organized to different schools. Read the rest of this entry »


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