French Diet Guru Promotes Grade Inflation Based on Students’ BMIs

Author of the Dukan Diet

Dr. Pierre Dukan

Pierre Dukan is a diet guru from France who created The Dukan Diet, which many celebrities swear by. However, he is now moving on from his traditional audience – adults who want to lose weight by eating a diet that is very heavy in meat – to a new audience: high school students.

In his new book, which will be published on Thursday, January 5, 2012, Dukan makes a recommendation to the future president of France to institute a program that will encourage students to maintain a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI), which can be determined by comparing a person’s height and weight.  This seems like a good idea; students should learn about healthy lifestyle choices in order to become healthy adults. However, Dukan recommends giving the students higher grades if they have an acceptable BMI.

Wait a second, is he really suggesting grade inflation for students who are in shape? Evidently, the answer is yes.

“There is nothing wrong with educating children about nutrition,” Dukan said. “this will not change anything for those who do not need to lose weight. For the others, it will motivate them.” He claims that his new education plan is “a good way to sensitize teenagers to the need for a balanced diet.”

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Best Diets for College Students

Just like with colleges, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to selecting the right diet that meet your weight loss goals. For college students, choosing a diet depends on a variety of factors including financial and practicality.

Perhaps you’ve put on the Freshman 15 or perhaps you need to start thinking about your New Year’s resolution, but no matter what your motivation for dieting, here are three of the best diets for college students.

Weight Watchers Online: This famous weight loss program has a plan for everyone, including college students. While most of the Weight Watchers programs require that you attend weekly support group meetings and have weigh-ins, the beauty about the Weight Watchers Online plan is that everything is done – you guessed it, online.

How it works

As a Weight Watchers member, you receive a set number of Weight Watchers POINTS you must follow in order to meet your weight loss goals. Foods with lesser POINT values are low in calorie and healthier for you while foods that pack a calorie punch will be assigned a higher POINTS value. No foods are off limits with Weight Watchers, giving high marks on its practicality ranking. You can log in to a secure online account and access all of the education still found in meetings. It won’t interfere with your already crammed schedule and it gives you all the tools that Weight Watchers offers such as support, recipes, menu planners and much more.


As a Weight Watchers member, you pay a monthly fee. The weight loss giant often features online coupons or discounts.

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The 17 Day Diet for College Students

If you haven’t heard about the 17 Day Diet, by Dr. Mike Moreno, you obviously have been studying too hard. The 17 Day Diet has been making waves all over the Internet and along the talk show circuit, like The Doctors and Dr. Phil.

So what exactly is The 17 Day Diet and how could a college student like yourself follow it?

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The Ultimate Dorm Room Diet Guide

healthy eating

Check-out the Dorm Room Diet by Daphne Oz, daughter of Dr. Mehmet Oz.

Our friends over at Online University Review have compiled “The Ultimate Dorm Room Dieting Guide: 100 Tips, Tools & Tricks” to help you avoid college weight gain, including the avoiding the Freshman 15.

Since listing the entire guide might overwhelm our blog column, we have selected our favorite ten dorm room diet tips in no special order.

1. Too Much Sugar Makes You Crazy: Can’t eat a grapefruit without a packet of sugar? Try and do it anyway. That little extra flavor gives calories, crashing energy, and even tooth decay. Diet sweeteners aren’t much better either.
2. No Bedtime Snacks: Because your parents didn’t want you bouncing around during bed time, they wouldn’t let you eat two hours before bed. Because bedtime snacks can both add to stored calories and restless sleep, they should be avoided.

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