The Use of Corporal Punishment in Schools Debate Heats Up

While the vision of being paddled in the principal’s office may seem an image of the past, corporal punishment is still legal, and used, in 20 American states. Advocates against corporal punishment have attempted to end the practice for years, but a recent push has encouraged several school districts to consider banning the method of punishment.

As a recourse to skipping detention at his Wichita Falls high school, 11th grader Tyler Anastopoulos was sent to the assistant principal’s office; where he received three blows to his backside with a paddle. The strikes left Anastopoulos with deep bruises. His mother, Angie Herring, expressed her outrage by saying, “If I did that to my son, I’d go to jail.”

In a vague response to Anastopoulos’s case, the superintendent of the City View Independent School District in Wichita Falls, Steve Harris, described corporal punishment as “one of the tools in the toolbox we use for discipline”.

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Chicago School Binds Boy’s Hands With Duct Tape As Punishment For Misbehaving

While some schools still permit questionable disciplinary measures, gone are the days of teachers slapping misbehaving students’ wrists, so when parents of the Chinese Pui Tak Christian school in Chinatown Chicago found out that a boy’s hands had been duct taped together as a punishment, many were outraged.

Pui Tak is a school where the Chinese culture is apparent through the daily curriculum which includes the education of written, spoken and read Mandarin Chinese, standard reading and math courses and the intricate teachings of the Christian Bible.

It is also the location where Harold Irving’s four year old son was found with his hands bound together, according to reports.

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Handcuffs Used as Punishment for Unruly Elementary School Students

six-year-old-handcuffedDisciplining students is often an unpleasant necessity in many classrooms, but what would provoke a first-grade teacher to break out the handcuffs?

Six-year-old Ja’Briel Weston, a student at the Sarah T. Reed Elementary School in New Orleans, was handcuffed twice in the span of a week. Once he was shackled to a chair by his ankle for disobeying his teacher, and two days later was handcuffed by a security guard. Read the rest of this entry »

Dallas High School Uses Cage Fighting to Settle Brawls

If detention, suspension or even corporal punishment won’t work, lock the students in a cage and let them fight it out. Seriously? A report about Dallas-area South Oak Cliff High School alleges that’s what the principal allowed to take place between teen boys who had disagreements to settle.


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