doctoral degrees

doctoral degrees

Women and Minorities Earn Less with Higher Education

Women and minorities earn less than their male or Caucasian counterparts. A recent study from the College Payoff report from Georgetown University found that women and minorities, excluding Asians, with master’s degrees, doctoral degrees or professional degrees benefit less from having a higher education.

“Latinos and African-Americans with master’s degrees earn nearly the same in their lifetimes—roughly $2.5 million—as white workers who have bachelor’s degrees,” the study revealed.

Women must attain a Ph.D to make more than men with bachelor’s degrees. They earn roughly $2.86 million in their lifetime, while men with bachelor’s degrees earn $2.6 million in their lifetime.

Additionally, men with little college experience and no degree earn about the same as a woman with a bachelor’s degree, the study found.

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Women Earn More Doctoral Degrees Than Men

diploma-and-capOver the past several decades, women have been making gradual gains in the world of higher education, but, until last year, men continued to dominate doctorate degrees. Now, according to current data released by the Council of Graduate Schools, more women obtained doctoral degrees than men last year.

According to the analysis of graduate enrollments and degrees, the majority for women in doctoral programs is only slight, a mere 50.4 percent. However, the switch proves to be steadily rising and momentous. Just ten years ago, women made up only 44 percent of doctoral degrees.

Nathan Bell, with the Council of Graduate Schools, said that the increased female share of doctoral degrees was “a natural progression of what we have been seeing” in all levels of college degrees. Female enrollments have engulfed male enrollments in associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s programs. And he said this recently released data makes sense given that “the pipeline is increasingly female.” Read the rest of this entry »


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