School Success May Be Revealed in the Delivery Rooms

When I took the PSAT, I thought I was taking my first standardized test. However, I was sadly mistaken because I later found out that I had my first standardized test when I was only one-minute old and again when I was five-minutes old.

Wait, what crazy person would give a newborn infant a standardized test? Evidently, doctors and nurses do this on a daily basis when they give babies the Apgar test to evaluate their heart rate, breathing abilities, and other important factors that can predict the child’s future health. The Apgar test is on a scale of one to ten, and babies who score an eight and above and considered healthy.

Now, a recent study of 877,000 Swedish children revealed that this test might reveal more than just the children’s future health. This study showed that those children who have an Apgar score of less than seven are likely to have cognitive deficits as they grow up.

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Doctors Must Now Pass Social Skills Tests to Attend Medical School

Have you ever been to a doctor who was a wonderful physician but an unfriendly person? When I had to spend a few days in the hospital last year, my doctor was like this; he had the worst bedside manner.

Luckily, doctors who are lacking proper people skills might soon be trained to behave better with the patients and nurses they work with on a daily basis. Virginia Tech Carilion is one of the first schools in this nation to require candidates to their medical school to go through a people skills test before they can be admitted to the school. Each candidate was required to go through nine brief interviews that evaluated the candidate on his or her social skills and abilities to communicate with others in the health care system.

“We are trying to weed out the students who look great on paper but haven’t developed the people or communication skills we think are important,” said the associate dean of admissions at the school, Dr. Stephen Workman.

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Foreign Medical Schools are Just as Good as American Medical Schools

When you are sick and have to go to the hospital, you want to make sure you receive the best possible care, right? Let’s say that you have a choice between a doctor who went to med school in the U.S., and one who went to med school in a foreign country. Which one is going to give you better health care?doctor xray

Surprisingly, a recent study showed that there is not a relationship between where a doctor went to medical school and the quality of patient care he/she gives. The study was conducted in Pennsylvania and analyzed 244,153 people who had been hospitalized for heart attacks or heart failure. The study compared the length of hospital stays and death rates between foreign-trained doctors and doctors who were trained in the U.S. Read the rest of this entry »


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