Race to Nowhere Shines a Light on Pressures Students Face

From childhood to senior year and beyond, students are facing an enormous amount of pressure to be over-achievers. The alarmingly high expectations come in from all angles: parents, teachers, coaches and school officials are weighing down hard on kids and some are afraid that they just can’t take the stress. Vicki Abeles, rookie film-maker and mother to a 12-year old with stress induced stomachaches, decided it’s time to acknowledge the corner we’re backing ourselves into.

We all want our young children to succeed, but round-the-clock activities and no down time is producing highly-stressed individuals. We simply cannot expect the next generation to be any closer to super-human than we are.

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President Obama Invites Waiting For Superman Students to White House

president obamaThere has been a lot of buzz lately about the public school system in America. A recent documentary called Waiting for Superman highlights the story of five students who attend public schools, yet are trying to attend a special charter school.

After watching Waiting for Superman, President Obama decided to meet with the students featured in the film he called “powerful and heartbreaking” in an interview with the Today Show.

President Obama talked about his daughters’ private school education during that same interview, and he has drawn some criticism for stating that they would not get as good an education if they were attending public school.

The meeting with the students was done out of the spotlight and without a lot of press. The students, Francisco, Bianca, Daisy, Emily and Anthony, were welcomed to the White House on October 11, 2010 to meet with the President. Read the rest of this entry »


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