Charitable Donations to Colleges are On the Rise

It seems like 2010 was a good year for charitable donations to colleges and universes around the nation. In 2010, colleges and universities in the USA received $28 billion in contributions, which is 0.5 percent more than the schools received in 2009, according to the Council for Aid to Education.

The amount of support for higher education donated in 2010 was the same a it was in 2006, measured in total dollars. However, if the donations are adjusted to account for inflation, the donations fall by eight percent.

“We’re still not out of the woods,” said Ann Kaplan, director of the Voluntary Support of Education survey. “Charitable contributions to education are recovering very slowly.”

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Borders to Donate $15 Per Purchase to Public Schools December 4th and 5th, 2010

Parents have often been known to save box tops for education, open Upromise accounts, donate to school programs through companies like Target, and collect labels for education, but the latest company to help parents and students donate much needed supplies and funding to their public schools is Borders.

The company, popular for its vast assortment of books, is now awarding any Borders customer that makes a purchase in one of their stores nationwide a special $15 gift card to then donate to the public school of their choice.

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Oprah Winfrey Donates $6 Million to Schools

oprahAnyone that has ever heard of Oprah Winfrey typically knows two things about her: she’s insanely rich and she gives stuff away.

She’s been coined by some as the queen of daytime television. People have gone to great measures to get tickets to her daytime talk show in Chicago. Once per year she has a show where she lists her favorite things and everyone in the audience gets one of everything on that list, and of course, tickets to that particular show are the most coveted of all.

Winfrey’s generosity has once again kicked in and she has donated $6 million dollars to six schools. The money was donated to organizations that are focused on helping troubled schools throughout the country. The funds will be distributed to six different charter schools in Philadelphia, California, Colorado, Illinois, Louisiana and Texas. These monies were donated through Winfrey’s charitable organization Angel Network. The organization stated that the schools receiving the donation are groundbreaking leaders in the provision of quality public education. Read the rest of this entry »

Mark Zuckerburg Gives $100 Million to Newark Schools


Update: December 9, 2010 Mark Zuckerburg pledged $100 million to the Newark Public Schools in New Jersey as a way to pledge his support to The Giving Pledge, a campaign led by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.

The Giving Pledge encourages billionaires to donate half of their assets to charity either during their lifetime or at their death. A total of 57 billionaires have joined The Giving Pledge so far. Some of the newest ones are: Steve Case Co-founder of AOL, Carl Icahn, Michael Milken, Joe Mansueto Morningstar Chief Exec, Ted Forstmann and Nicolas Berggruen. Kudos to Facebook mogul and the other 56 billionaires on board so far, but according to Forbes magazine, the US boasts more than 400 billionaires. Where is everybody else?

If anyone questions how much Harvard dropout Mark Zuckerburg values education, you could answer with a nine-digit number. The Facebook founder will be donating $100 million to the struggling Newark school system. The official announcement is expected to be made on The Oprah Winfrey Show tomorrow. Newark Mayor Cory Booker and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie are also scheduled to be guests on the show.

Some critics have speculated that the donation is timed to divert attention away from the critical, although fictionalized, depiction of Zuckerburg in the soon-to-be-released film, The Social Network. Nonetheless, the charitable gift will unquestionably have a huge positive impact on Newark public schools. Zuckerburg has been named the 35th richest American by Forbes.

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Universities Receive Millions from Anonymous Donor

Everyone knows that Cinderella had a fairy-godmother. Now some universities are also being blessed. The biggest difference? Cinderella knew her fairy-godmother and these universities have no idea who is giving them donations of up to $10 million.check

In the past few months, 12 universities have received a phone call from a banker saying that an anonymous person has donated money to the university. Shortly after the phone calls, two checks will arrive to the universities, the larger check earmarked for scholarships for women and minority students and the smaller earmarked for the recipient’s discretion.

Some of the universities that have received gifts are Binghamton University in New York, Montclair State Univeristy in New Jersey, the University of Southern Mississippi, Purdue University in Indiana, and Michigan State University. Read the rest of this entry »


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