dorm decorations

dorm decorations

How to Make Your Dorm Cozy

Bleak and dark may be the best words to describe dorm rooms, and if you’re sick of looking at those white walls, your utilitarian living quarters aren’t cutting it. The best way to make your dorm feel more cozy is to make it look like you actually live there, not just sleep there.

Ward off homesickness and make your dorm feel cozy by following these simple tips.

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College Students Face Time for Stealing Giraffe Head

Image via The Grand Rapids Press

Image via The Grand Rapids Press

What started as a prank is turning serious as five Calvin College students may face five years in prison for vandalizing a fiberglass giraffe statue. The students beheaded the roadside animal, which once stood as a landmark along I-196 in Grandville, MI. The five young men who took the animal back to their residence have been cooperative with authorities, reports The Grand Rapids Press.

“It was a college prank and destined to become a dorm room mascot,” Detective Andrew Measell, of the Grandville Police Department, said. “They apparently realized it became unwieldy to take anywhere.

The suspects, who were not available for comment, were arraigned in Grandville District Court on charges of larceny over $1,000. “I’d like the vandals to understand that it is wrong to take what does not belong to them,” said Steve Disselkoen,  a vice president of Grand Rapids Outdoor Advertising, who purchased the animal to accompany a billboard. He also commented that the prank was quite dangerous, due to the proximity of power lines.

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5 Things You Don’t Need to Bring to College

moving inIf you haven’t packed for college yet, you’re probably stressing over what to bring and what not to bring. Truth is, you probably won’t need to bring half of the stuff that you thought you would. Read through this list and exclude these items so you don’t stuff your already cramped dorm with unnecessary stuff:

High school notes: Sure these notes probably helped you pass geometry, but they’re no match for calculus. You’ll have plenty of time to fill out that empty spiral notebook with new math equations.

High school t-shirts: You will get plenty of free ones if you attend your college’s events. Plus, upperclassmen can spot a newbie by spotting your home-town tees. Not to mention, your closet will really need the extra space. Read the rest of this entry »


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