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Take a Crash Course in Celiac Survival on a College Campus

bunch of grainShelby Kaho is a college sophomore and a professional blogger for She has also not eaten anything that contains gluten for the past six years. In case you are wondering why Shelby has given up cakes, breads, and other products that contain gluten, it is because she is a celiac, which means she has a gluten allergy/intolerance.

In order to raise awareness about living gluten-free, Shelby recently wrote a series of blogs for Her recent articles on this website have address concerns that celiac college students face, such as how to avoid eating gluten on their college’s campus. Looking for leadership training to make your business grow? Visit this site to find more information.

Voicing Concerns Made Dining Safer for One Gluten-Free College Student.
In this article, Shelby shares her story of when she first moved to college and had to face a dangerous place for celiacs: the campus cafeteria. Shelby says that although her school promised to help her stay safe by providing foods that were gluten-free, the cafeteria workers were uneducated about what “gluten-free” really means and accidentally cross-contaminated her food with foods that contained gluten. Luckily for Shelby, her efforts and wiliness to work with the cafeteria staff and dining manager paid off and her dining hall is much safer for celiac diners. At the end of the article, Shelby offers advice for celiac students who are trying to fit in and feel included on their school’s campus.

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4 Common Roommate Conflicts and How to Resolve Them

If you haven’t had your first conflict with your roommate yet, you eventually will. It’s only normal for arguments to arise while sharing such a tiny space. Resolving conflict is all about being reasonable and coming to a mutual agreement.

Don’t avoid the big elephant in the room. Talk about your issues openly while still respecting the other person.

Here are four common roommate conflicts and ways to resolve them:

The neat-vs.-messy conflict: We all know that neat-freaks and slobs don’t make the perfect roommate match, but that doesn’t mean it can’t work out. Neat freaks tend to have a handful of pet peeves that irritate them to no end, but they can generally overlook the rest. If you’re the slob in this roommate relationship, find out what those pet peeves are, and try to avoid them. If you’re the neat-freak, understand that he or she lives there too, and your roommate wants to make their dorm feel like home, not Grandma’s house.

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How to Make Your Dorm Cozy

Bleak and dark may be the best words to describe dorm rooms, and if you’re sick of looking at those white walls, your utilitarian living quarters aren’t cutting it. The best way to make your dorm feel more cozy is to make it look like you actually live there, not just sleep there.

Ward off homesickness and make your dorm feel cozy by following these simple tips.

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Best Cardio Exercises for the Dorm Room

Usually when we think of cardio, we think of clocking miles on a treadmill, going out for a long run around campus or jumping through a hip-hop dance class. However, you don’t need a lot of space or expensive equipment to get in a sweat session- you can sneak in a solid cardio workout from your dorm room.

Perfect for those cold winter days when you don’t feel like battling the snow to head across campus to the gym or when it’s simply too late to switch into your workout gear, these dorm room cardio exercises will get your heart thumping without stepping a foot outside.

1. Lunges: This classic fitness move is usually thought of as a resistance exercise, but if you do them quickly enough, you can raise your heart rate and use them as cardio. Lunges strengthen your legs, your core, bum, and calves. Start with both feet together and step your right foot forward bending your knee at a 90-degree angle and lowering your body into a lunge position. Return your right foot to center and repeat on the left side. Start out by doing ten lunges, gradually working your way up to 25. Add some variety and try side lunges, back lunges and walking lunges along the dorm room hallways. Read the rest of this entry »

Build Strong Arms from Your Dorm Room

You don’t need a personal trainer to have Jennifer Aniston’s strong, sculpted shoulders, or Jessica Biel’s amazing, athletic guns. In fact, all you really need for a rocking pair of arms is what you already have in your dorm room.

If you have trouble getting to the campus gym, give these exercises a try. Commit to doing them three to four times a week for one month and notice the difference the next time you wear a tank top or a strapless dress.

1. Chair Dips (Tricep Dips): Use a stable chair on an even surface- your desk chair should do just fine. Sit on the chair with your butt right on the edge and place your hands on either side of your hips. Slowly walk your feet out so your butt is a few inches in front of the seat, all your body weight is on your hands and heels. Gently bend your elbows so your bottom lowers towards the floor. Once you hit 90 degrees in your elbows, push through your hands and return to starting position. Try 10 dips to start, and gradually increase the number of repetitions until you feel a subtle burn in your triceps.

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Unisak Offers Students an Apartment in a Bag

UnisakOne of the first things college students learn when they are leaving home to go to school is that they need their own stuff. Mom typically isn’t going to part with her favorite dishes to stock your dorm room. Going and buying all of the things you’ll need for life away from home can be time consuming and super expensive. Several department stores are starting to offer great packages that offer several of the things college students need in a bag for one low price.

One of the helpful things that students can grab on their way to college is a Unisak. Right now, the Unisak is only available within the United Kingdom. You can order a Unisak online and get free delivery. The Unisak is designed especially for students and includes 65 items for four different rooms. There is also currently an offer that will pay you to refer friends that might purchase a Unisak. If you refer enough people, you could end up getting your Unisak for free.

The Unisak features everything you need for the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and your study area. All of the items included are things that students will find helpful and very much needed when striking out on their own. Buying all of the items included in the Unisak separately would cost you hundreds of dollars. Buying things separately may also cause the hassle of trying to figure out how to pack everything up. With the Unisak, everything comes in one large tote that is neatly packed and ready to go with you to college. For those going to school outside the UK, unfortunately the Unisak is not yet available, but if you are going overseas for college, or even thinking of doing a semester abroad, this would be a great item to order to keep from having to take things with you.

Makeover Your Dorm to Get a Better Night’s Sleep

dorm-sleepDid you know that the way your room is arranged can affect how well you sleep? Dr. Michael J. Breus, sleep expert and author of the book Beauty Sleep, has some advice on how to give your dorm room a makeover to get a better night’s sleep.

Light is the one of the most important factors in getting a good night’s sleep, because light is a major factor in regulating your circadian rhythm. If your windows admit unnatural sources of light, like from street lamps, cover the windows with a light-blocking curtain or shooed when you go to bed. During the evening, try to use no more than 300 watts of light at once, and when you sleep no more than 65 watts. That means you should turn off all those electronics that have constant blinking lights (this does not apply to fire alarms or carbon monoxide sensors). Make sure your bed is facing away from the west, so that morning sunlight won’t wake you up too early.

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The Hottest Back to School Gadgets for Your Dorm

clockyIt’s back to school time, and it’s time to bring your dorm into the digital age. Whether it’s a new coffee maker or a new alarm clock, there are several new electronic devices that will make your life easier and your roommate jealous.

Here’s a list of this school year’s hottest gadgets:

Clocky Alarm Clock ($39): No longer will you be able to blame your tardiness on your alarm clock. Clocky has wheels attached to the sides and rolls away out of your reach to keep you from hitting the snooze button excessively.

Pivot Power ($25): This bendy power strip lets you shape it to fit any space. You can twist it, curl it or stretch it. Do whatever you need to do to make all those power cords more organized and less noticeable. Read the rest of this entry »

Make the Most Out of Your Dorm Space with

design-your-dorm-dotcomFiguring out how to fit your things, and all your roommates’ things into a tiny dorm room can be stressful. But there’s an online tool that can help you make the most of your space, and collaborate with your roomie: lets you find a 3-Dimensional model of your room, arrange the furniture, and add items that you’ll be bringing with you to see if it all fits. Then, you can shop for new items, from mini fridges to posters and electronics. All purchases will be shipped right to your dorm, so you avoid worrying about how all your gear will fit into your parents’ station wagon. It also helps you avoid bringing or buying duplicates of things your future roommate already has.

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Yoga for the Dorm

yogaThere is a little secret about getting in shape: despite the multi-billion dollar diet industry, staying fit and healthy doesn’t cost that much money, nor does it require a lot of space.

If there is one thing students have experience in, it is lack of space and money, so if you’re looking to get into shape in school or reduce stress, look no further than the four walls of your dorm room and the 5,000-year old Indian tradition of yoga.

What you’ll need:


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