NFL Draft 2010 Top 10 Includes Number One Sam Bradford

sam bradford nfl draft

Number one draft choice Sam Bradford selected by the St. Louis Rams. (photo via New York Times)

Last night Twitter had #NFLdraft as a trending topic as football fans across the country tuned in to see who the teams would select during the first round of the 75th annual NFL Draft. Selected players repeatedly said how special and monumental this day was for them and the football coaches all expressed their hope and enthusiasm for the upcoming football season.

The NFL Draft event continues through the weekend and allows teams in the National Football League to choose new players for their franchises. This event is always an exciting day for the sport of football as the American pastime continues to grow, and while they players and coaches recognize the importance of game innovation, they honor the traditions set forth by strong foundations.

The top ten draft choices for the 2010 Draft were as follows. The number one pick, Sam Bradford, was no real surprise to anyone. What was surprising was seeing three of top four draft choices hail from Oklahoma. In addition, not seeing Tim Tebow go in the first round (went 25th to the Denver Broncos). Read the rest of this entry »

Top 10 College Athletes Drafted into the NFL


Matthew Stafford (right) was the number one NFL draft choice. (via Huffington Post)

See the NFL Draft 2010 top 10 draft choices.

This past weekend was one that football fans around the country look forward to each and every year. It provided both hope and excitement for the future of  professional football teams. The NFL Draft is a weekend-long event that allows teams in the National Football League to choose the new players for their organization. This event is necessary for expansion of teams as well as the league resembling events one would expect to witness preceding an elementary school game of kick ball. Much like in those elementary school games, the best athletes were chosen first. The top ten draft choices for the 2009 Draft are as follows:

1. Matthew Stafford, quarterback from the University of Georgia. The Detroit Lions drafted Stafford.

2. Jason Smith, offensive tackle from Baylor University. The St. Louis Rams drafted Smith. Read the rest of this entry »


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