Avoid Buzzed-Driving This Winter Break

drivingGoing home for the holidays can be a stressful time with your family. Everyone is adjusting to being under the same roof again and tempers can fly. One way to avoid this is by getting out of the house and spending time with your hometown friends, and if you are over 21, you might meet your friends at a bar for drinks. Or you might go to a New Years Eve party, or some other social event where alcohol is involved. We all like to cut loose and have fun around the holidays, so there’s nothing wrong with having a glass or two of your favorite alcoholic beverage (spiked egg-nog anyone?).

However, there is something really wrong with drinking and driving, even if you are just “buzzed.”

Last year, around 10,500 people in the USA died from driving accidents where there was alcohol involved. The holidays have had higher incidences of these accidents than other times of the year for a long time. So, instead of ending 2011 with a DUI or even worse, how about taking some of these safety tips to enjoy your nights out with friends and family without ending the night by driving under the influence.

1. Have a plan for getting home before you go out. It doesn’t matter what your plan is, but make a plan before you go out for the evening. If there is someone in the group who does not want to drink, then make him or her the official designated driver. If everyone wants to drink, then look for alternative options for getting home, such as public transportation or a taxi service. Many college towns have a community sober ride program, so check if your city has something like this as another way to get home safely.

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Michael Schumacher’s Education Background

Racecar Driver Michael SchumacherMichael Schumacher was born on January 3, 1969 in Hurth, North Rhine-Westphalia, West Germany. His parents are Rolf Schumacher, a brick layer, and his wife Elisabeth. Schumacher’s racing career began very early. Beginning in in kart races, Schumacher won his first club championship at age six. Schumacher’s parents had to obtain extra jobs to support the young child’s racing. Rolf Schumacher took a second job renting and repairing karts, while Elisabeth worked at the race track’s canteen. Regulations in Germany required Schumachher to be 14 to obtain a kart license. To move around this law, Schumacher received his license in Luxembourg at the age of twelve.

Shumacher obtained his German license in 1983 and began his successful winning streak. Shumacher won several German and European kart championship from 1984 on. Schumacher’s school career officially ended when he left in 1987. He had joined an Eurokart dealer named Adolf Neubert, working as a mechanic. By 1988, Schumacher made his first gain towards single seat racing by participating in the German Formula Ford and Formaul Konig series. He won the latter competition and thus began his long and successful career.

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Tips for Driving on Winter Roads

winter drivingThe winter solstice officially started on December 21 in the Northern Hemisphere. If you live in the northern half of the world, that means winter is here. And this past holiday weather that took much of the country by storm is a subtle reminder of just how powerful Jack Frost can be this time of year.

Winter is a time for building snowmen, drinking hot chocolate, bundling up in big puffy jackets, and unfortunately, driving on icy roads. Driving conditions can become quite hazardous during the winter, when black ice and snow drifts plague city streets and highways.

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