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East High

Graduation is Right Around the Corner

graduation-capJust this last week, Josten’s came to East High to deliver our caps and gowns. Upon receiving the graduation attire, it made graduation so much more tangible for the anxious senior class. We have been counting down the days to Senior’s Last Day for nearly two weeks now and getting the cap, gown, and graduation announcements made it seem like graduation and our last day as students in the halls of East High are that much closer.

It seems that all of this is rather bitter-sweet. Sweet in the sense that we have less than 30 days until Seniors Last Day. Almost a month until graduation. Bitter then considering it may be the last time we see some of our friends, knowing we are going to part ways and go down our own paths. All of us say we are ready for last day and graduation, but it makes me, and I’m sure a lot of other people, wonder about what the future holds for us. Considering the next step in the college process is letting our schools know where we plan to attend, makes everything also so much more tangible since it comes before Senior’s Last Day and graduation. Read the rest of this entry »

5 Tips to Prepare for Senior Prom

prom dateIn less than a month, East High will be holding its prom! Prom, like many high schools I know of, is attended by both seniors and juniors. After last year’s prom, I’m even more excited this year simply because it’s my senior prom. Junior prom was a blast for me, but there seems to be something special about senior prom.

Just making sure you have all the little things figured out will make your actual prom day so much easier.

1. Dresses. By now, it would be a good idea to have a dress or start looking soon! Many specialty dress shops will write down a dress when it is purchased so that another student from the same school will not have yours. Read the rest of this entry »

The Start of Softball Season

As if my schedule wasn’t full enough, softball season came faster than I expected! After a month of conditioning, softball has started (excuse the pun) in full swing.softball

This year, unfortunately since its my senior season, will be a year of rebuilding. Not only do we have an extremely young team, we also have a new coach that is fairly new to Kansas. Even though we are only three days into the season, I must admit that I have learned so much more from this coach than I have from any other. This excites me because I know there are a bunch of small things I need to work on that will improve my game and I know this coach will help me make these improvements. We have focused on the fundamentals every day so far and even though it gets a little repetitive, it will really help not only the younger girls but also us older girls who could use a few days going over basics again.

I am extremely excited for this season. Not only because it is my senior season, but also because it’s a young team, which not only allows me to be a leader on the team, but the fact that they are so young will allow me to try and teach them softball. I believe if you are able to teach something, you know it extremely well. And considering how long I’ve been playing, I would hope I know a lot about softball! So as the season progresses, I hope coach can help build a strong, young team that can help get East High‘s softball program back on its feet.

Kansas Student’s Test Correction Not Really News to Fellow Classmates

I got online to check my email and a few other things when a headline caught my eye and a picture of someone I know. A fellow Junior International Baccaulaureate classmate, Geoff Stanford, had recently caught an error in this year’s Writing Kansas State Assessment. But is this really something to make such a big deal over?geoff stanford

As I glanced over comments that had been left by others, I could see that many readers agreed with me. Good for Geoff for catching this error, but a typo is not worth this much fuss. Typos occur on a daily basis and many times go unreported, because due to context clues, the typo can be ignored, or in this case, the correct word can easily be determined. I realize, playing the devil’s advocate with myself, that the word originally being “emission” got changed to “omission,” which can completely change the meaning of the sentence. But context, as I said, is key. Geoff and the reporters, I believe, mentioned that the writing prompt dealt with the Greenhouse Effect and Carbon dioxide and I’m sure most students were fully capable of realizing this was a mistake.

As all the teachers were notified across Kansas, was it really necessary to make an article over this simple mistake? As the spokeswoman for the State Department of Education, Karla Denny, said “We’re human.” and this is true. This mistake could have happened to anyone anywhere and to make such a big deal out of it is simply ridiculous in my opinion. Congratulate the boy and don’t worry about making it a big deal.

Kansas High School Student Corrects State Test Error

Geoffrey Stanford’s teachers always tell him to read tests carefully.geoffrey stanford

Every sentence. Every word. Slow down. Make sure you understand what’s being asked, and then proceed.

So while taking his state writing test last week, the East High junior saw something that didn’t make sense: The word “emission” — as in “the emission of greenhouse gases” — was spelled “omission.”

“I thought, ‘Surely they’re not talking about leaving out carbon dioxide altogether.’ It just didn’t make sense,” said Stanford, 17. “It had to be a mistake.”

It was.

Read more at Kansas.com about how this student caught something test developers and teachers had missed. Soon, our very own Becca Driskill, an international baccaulaureate classmate of Stanford’s, will have her reaction.

Homecoming Spirit Week!

All year, I anticipate the Monday morning I get to roll out of my bed, brush my teeth and hair, slip on shoes, and walk out my front door in my PJs because of Spirit Week!

Every year, we have spirit week before our 2 homecomings and prom! This year the weekdays’ themes include Twin Day, PJ Day, Hippie/70s day, Blue and White day, and College Sport day. Although the days aren’t the most creative, I still enjoy showing school spirit by dressing up for 3 or 4 of the days, if not all 5! This year for twin day, I surprised my band director by dressing up like him. If you knew Mr. Hamant, you would understand just how funny this really is. That is the most I have ever seen him laugh all 4 years I have been around him.

Spirit week is so much fun because not only do you get to show school spirit and dress ridiculous some days, it also sets the mood for homecoming! I am so excited for homecoming because it will be one of the last for high school I attend! It’s sad to think about, but also exciting because this time next year I’ll have started college! So spirit week has so many different meanings to me. But most of all it gets me pumped up for the homecoming game Friday night and the homecoming dance on Saturday night! It’s a great time to hang out with my friends and forget about everything for one night. I can’t wait to get the party started!

Wait, My High School is Ranked Top in the Nation?

I just came home from a camp this last week and found emails upon emails with one containing a link showing the top 1300 High Schools in the US. Come to find out, East High is ranked #472 on this list. What a shock it was for me to actually find my own high school on this list!

wichita east high schoolMaking such a list not only makes me swell with pride for my school, but also makes me to realize just how good of an education I am getting from East, especially being in the IB program there. According to Newsweek, the schools were ranked by a ratio (that was devised by the man of the name Jay Mathews) that takes the number of AP, IB, and/or Cambridge tests taken by students at the particular school in 2007 and is then divided by the number of graduating seniors. Knowing that East did well enough to make it in the top 50% of this list is amazing! This goes to show also that not only are there smart kids in the IB program, but that those students take AP classes and do well enough to help get East on the list.

I had school pride before I knew this and didn’t think it was possible to have more school spirit, but after finding my own high school on this prestigious list, I couldn’t help but sit here at my computer and smile, having a little celebration. Reading East High on the list made me realize just how important and amazing the education I am getting at East and through the IB program. I am fortunate enough to be at a public school and in such a program as the IB program that cares enough about their students and their education to push them to do well not only in school but also on important tests. Knowing that is what makes my pride spill over!

So for those of you that also found your school amongst the other schools ranked, I hope you reacted in such a way as I did. Because knowing you get an education that’s good enough to be ranked with other schools across the nation is a pretty big deal!


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