eating disorders

eating disorders

Fat Talk Free Week Starts Today

fat-talk-weekThirty-five college campuses nation-wide are participating in “Fat Talk Free Week,” a voluntary ban on language and conversations that promote poor body image and eating disorders. The campaign is primarily targeted at young women, with the slogan “Friends don’t let friends fat-talk.” Fat Talk includes all discussions about weight and fat, like conversations about flattering clothes, gossiping about another girl’s weight, and complimenting a friend on looking thin.

According to Time magazine, nearly 10 million women suffer from anorexia or bulimia in the U.S. The program’s philosophy is based on research conducted by Eric Stice, a clinical psychologist at the Oregon Research Institute. He found that applying the principles of cognitive dissonance could help young people change their behaviors. The theory postulates that over time, a young woman who speaks and acts in a way that runs counter to the popular culture’s thin ideal will eventually stop believing in it–and be less likely to develop an eating disorder. Stice reported a 60 percent reduction in eating disorders for high school and college students who participated in a program that critiqued the thin ideal and fostered positive self-images.

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Drunkorexia: New Eating Disorder on the Rise

drunkorexia-new-eating-disorderYou may not have heard the term “drunkorexia” before, but it’s likely that you’ve witnessed some of its symptoms. Binge drinking is on the rise on college campuses, while the pressure for young women to be thin is just as high as ever. Drunkorexia combines symptoms of alcoholism, bulimia and anorexia, all under the guise of a glamorous party-girl lifestyle.

“When I was a freshman, my roommate and I would consume less than 300 calories on days that we were going to go out drinking,” one Harvard student told “We would eat egg whites for breakfast and then a vegan boca burger with mustard and no bun for lunch and dinner. We would also only drink water and black coffee. We would eat our meals together and encourage each other not to eat anything else. I cringe now thinking about it.”
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