The Best Textbook Rental Companies

rentNobody likes buying college textbooks. The entire process is frustrating and hard on your pocketbook. You pay way too much money for a textbook that you might or might not use – depending on how much your professor actually uses that book – and then when the semester is over, you sell it back for considerably less money than you paid for it. For example, I bought a Spanish textbook for $95 last semester, and when I sold it back, I got a measly $11. Completely awful, huh?

Fortunately, there is an alternative to buying your textbooks and then selling them back. This alternative is renting your textbooks. According to, the average student will save more than $500 if he or she rents his or her books instead of buying books each year. So, if you are like me and would rather hold onto your money than give it to the big publishing companies, consider renting your textbooks this year. Here are some of the most popular places for renting textbooks. Read the rest of this entry »

eCampus Entourage Helps Students Save on Textbooks

eCampus-EntourageFinding money for expensive textbooks can be a major source of stress for college students, with many campus bookstores selling at premium rates. The online textbook source is launching a new program that might make saving money on books a little easier. It’s called eCampus Entourage, a loyalty program designed to reward college students for promoting the eCampus textbook site and recruiting their friends.

The eCampus site offers a number of money-saving solutions, such as textbook rentals. It’s free to join on, which gives members 5% off everything at, and a unique coupon code. Read the rest of this entry »

Getting Ripped Off on College Textbooks

college-textbooksFeeling like you are being ripped off is such a feeling of violation. And while students may complain that their college education isn’t worth the tuition, when you factor in the experience, college degree, and career, the complaints are highly debatable. But when it comes to complaining about being ripped off on college textbooks, students may just have a case.

It is estimated that the average college student spends $900 each year on college textbooks alone.

Between 1995 and 2004 textbook prices rose at more than four times the rate of inflation, according to Nicole Allen, a director at Student Public Interest Research Group, a student advocacy group. “Students are a captive audience since professors decide what books they need to buy,” says Allen.

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