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Education major

The Perfect Gift for Your Graduate

Instead of stopping by the ATM on the way to that graduation party, take a different route, and get the graduate something you can actually wrap. All of these gifts are under $30.

I found all of these ideas at, but most of these gifts can be purchased locally. So, if you’re headed to a graduation party this weekend and don’t have time to order on-line, see if you can find something comparable at your local Target or Wal-Mart. If you’re really strapped for time, Amazon will let you print gift cards from your home computer. Pick from several designs to add some personal touch.

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Teachers’ Colleges Upset by Plan to Grade Them

Ask any teacher in the country how they measure students’ understanding of the material they are taught, and all of them will tell you they have some sort of grading system. This rings true even if they don’t use a traditional grading method. No matter what symbols are used to communicate, students and parents are given some report of their level of comprehension of the things they are taught each day in school.

Now, some colleges that train teachers are upset, because they will be graded by the U.S. News & World Report. The report is planning to assign grades ranging from A to F to over 1,000 teaching colleges throughout the country. Several education school deans are upset about this new grading system for their programs, claiming that the rating system’s methodology used to grade the schools is flawed. There has also been a letter written from 35 prestigious education colleges and graduate schools stating that there is an implied coercion if schools don’t cooperate with the ratings. Schools were told originally that if they did not supply the requested documents, the information would be sought under open-records laws. If the information was not obtained through those means then the school would automatically receive an F rating.

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Ohio to Start Grading University Teaching Programs

Teachers who go to school in Ohio will now be graded to reflect how well their college education has prepared them for their job. The state of Ohio has adopted a report card system that will go into effect in 2011 that grades teaching programs at private and public universities. This type of grading system will judge how well students perform after college.

There are a total of 14 standards that will be used to analyze a college’s performance through the teachers they produce. Some of the included criteria for evaluation include how well the university places teachers in hard to staff schools, how a graduate scores on the state’s new teacher performance assessment and how much students learn in a teacher’s class in one year.

Overall, this grading system has been accepted by both private and public university groups. The effort to increase accountability will offer room for improvement and produce more teachers who are equipped to do their job. Some data received from this grading system will be available immediately, but a full report on the findings will not be available until the end of 2012.

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