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Number Sense is a Fun Way for Kindergartners to Learn About Counting

number-sense-ipad-appLooking for a good way to keep your kids entertained and learn something while they’re at it? The Number Sense app for iPad by Mathomatix fits the bill perfectly. The app features five games to help kindergarteners learn about numbers. The five games are “Do the Dotty,” “Numbrella,” “Booster Balls,” “Fishoonka” and “Toot Toot Train.”

“Do the Dotty” is a connect-the-dots game that teaches children how to count and identify numbers. This game also require a pretty high level of hand-eye coordination, a skill children growing up in the touch-screen may benefit from, but is also at times frustrating when the game doesn’t respond. “Fishoonka” gets kids to learn about the concepts of “greater than,” “lesser than” and “equal to” in an underwater setting. The “Toot Toot Train” game deploys basic principals of addition and subtraction. “Numberella” is another game that involves identifying the values of numbers, and “Booster Balls” is a counting game that involves friendly monsters. The games all feature appealing and colorful graphics.

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The Best iPad Apps for College Students iPad can be an extraordinarily useful tool for college students. Just think of all the school supplies it replaces: planner, notebook, laptop, textbook, pens, graphing calculator, and more. To help you make the most of this technology on campus, we’ve rounded up some of the most helpful iPad apps for college students.

1. iHomework
This app is a great way to organize your assignments, schedule your study time and coordinate group projects.

2. Evernote
If you plan on using your iPad to take class notes, Evernote is a great tool for you. It syncs with an online account, so that notes are not only backed up, they’re also accessible from any computer. Plus, you can forward messages from your e-mail to the account.

3. Instapaper
Even campuses that claim to have Wi-Fi everywhere still have a few dead-zones. Use Instapaper to save web articles to read later offline. It’s also a great research tool, to help you save articles that you may wish to reference later.

4. Articles for iPad
You may not want to use Wikipedia as a reference in your bibliography, but when it comes to getting quick answers, it’s hard to beat. The Articles for iPad app has a lovely interface that helps you easily find Wikipedia articles. Read the rest of this entry »

Educational Apps for the iPad, iTouch and iPhone

Education AppsIt seems everyone now has heard of the campaign “There’s an app for that!” and education is certainly no exception.

Even though school is just about done for the year, there is no reason why you can’t start preparing for next year with these educational apps that will surely help you sharpen your knowledge and ace your next exam.

Here is a list of some of the top Apple apps offered for your iTouch, iPod or the newly popular iPad:

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