email etiquette

email etiquette

A Student’s Guide to Email Etiquette

blue envelope symbolYou may know what to say, but do you know how to say it?  That’s often the mishap that college students and grads have when they’re emailing someone they want to impress.

If you’re anxious about emailing your professor or potential employer, don’t fret. Read these tips to impress and earn the respect of the recipient.

Your emails must be formal if you want to leave a good impression. Save smiley faces and phrases like “LOL” for your BFF. Contractions and abbreviations are OK for the most part, but texting lingo must never be used.

You’re a sharp, young adult, so write like one. Use proper punctuation and complete sentences. There’s no room for grammar mistakes in such emails, so read it over at least two times before you send your message.

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