YourEmployment.com is the Ultimate Job Search Website for Recent College Graduates

As a recent college graduate, I can tell you that the whole finding-a-job process is difficult, exhausting, and discouraging. You can cruise websites like Monster.com, read your local classified ads, and network to your heart’s content, but you still might not find the right job, even though you have spent hours searching. Luckily, a new website takes a lot of the legwork out of this process for you. Let me introduce you to YourEmployment.com.

YourEmployment.com is a free website that lists more than 500,000 jobs from more than 20,000 websites and job boards. YourEmployment.com has full time, part time, internships, and temporary positions available while also offering resources that you might need in order to make yourself a better candidate for jobs, such as information about pursuing a higher education.

Employers also use this website to list jobs that they currently have available. Employers either list directly on YourEmployment.com or the website searches it’s network of websites to find listings that are applicable and relevant for job-searchers.

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More College Graduates Go Non-Profit

A noticeable trend in the workforce is developing, as college graduates gravitate towards non-profit work. The economic recession has limited corporate job openings, pushing degree holding young people into lesser paying positions. While the cause of this push is economically based, the reward of non-profit work is proving its worth to recent college grads.

Graduates who finished college prior to the current recession were more likely to work for large corporations, where it is estimated they will make 22 percent more money than those in non-profits. When jobs in the private sector became less available, grads began searching elsewhere. It is now estimated that college graduates working in non-profits have risen over 11 percent, and 16 percent for government positions.

Non-profit organizations are benefiting greatly from this trend. Graduates with business degrees began applying, sometimes hundreds at a time, for a single position. Applications for AmeriCorps and Teach for America have surged in the last two years. Organizations advocating for children, social justice, education, healthcare, etc., are now receiving an overwhelming amount of applications from America’s college graduates.

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College Students are Graduating with Even More Debt

student loansThe cost of earning a college education has been a concern for many families for years. A new report reveals that this concern should be increasing because the average amount of debt that a student graduates with has also been increasing.

According to the New York Times, the Project on Student Debt reports that the average college senior graduated in 2009 with $24,000 in debt. This is up six percent from 2008.

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Earning Potential for Class of 2009 Graduates

There are a still a few bright spots in the job hunt for the Class of 2009!

The Class of 2009 knows that finding a job in this market will be a difficult task. They have been watching the job market disintegrate since the U.S. entered the recession.

According to a new study by the National Association of College and Employers, fewer than one in five graduates who are looking for jobs have found one; employers are planning to hire 22 percent fewer graduates than they did in 2008. This is very discouraging news, and explains in part why fewer students are actively seeking jobs. This time last year, 67 percent of college grads had begun looking for a job. This year, only 59 percent have even begun looking.

“Whether they’ve decided to delay their careers because of the economy or don’t realize how tough the job market is, fewer grads have started job hunting,” said Andrea Koncz, employment information manager at NACE. Read the rest of this entry »


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