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Commencement Speakers Encourage Class of 2010 to Be the Change They Wish to See

784498_graduationAfter reading recaps and reports of commencement speech after commencement speech, what seems to be a trend this year was the blunt advice of the notable leaders who are encouraging the graduating class to “be the change [they] wish to see in the world,” which was first made famous by Gandhi.

They were telling students to put their money (or their actions in most cases) where their mouth was by encouraging students who said that they would like America to offer better housing options for more reasonable prices to become construction contractors and work to build those efforts, literally.

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Top 10 Engineering Schools

engineering fieldsDo you like getting the facts and just the facts? Do you want to have black and white answers to questions? Does the idea of working in the oil and gas industry appeal to you? Do you want to build a robot or design a computer program? Then maybe you should consider a degree in engineering.

There are many different types of engineering degrees, including petroleum engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, architectural engineering, and chemical engineering. Your career options are endless when you have an engineering degree.

So where should you go to get your degree? According to US News, these are the best schools to get your engineering degree.

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Five Highest Paying Bachelor’s Degrees

graduation cap and diplomaIn today’s competitive job market, no one can argue the necessity of having your bachelor’s degree. But the question is: in which field should you get that degree to get the biggest paycheck?

Engineering and math-related jobs seem to offer the highest salaries, particularly with the demand for these jobs increasing faster than the number of graduates. If you’re hoping for a job that will “show you the money,” you may want to consider these top-earning degrees from the Payscale College Salary Report:

Environmental Engineering

Engineering degrees count for seven of the top ten on Payscale’s list of best undergrad degrees for top salary. Engineers use their analytical and scientific knowledge to develop products and solve problems. Read the rest of this entry »

Women Bridging the Gender Gap in Science and Math

Women are becoming increasingly more common in the once predominantly male world of science and engineering. Although the female gender is underrepresented in math, science, and engineering faculty positions at major research universities, those who do apply are “interviewed and hired at rates equal to or higher than those for men,” according to a recent report from the National Research Council. Also noted in the study was that women who are considered “receive tenure at the same or higher rates than men.”Scientist

In a similar report this week, researchers at the University of Wisconsin reviewed a variety of studies and concluded that the “achievement gap between boys and girls in mathematics performance has narrowed to the vanishing point. U.S. girls have now reached parity with boys, even in high school and even for measures requiring complex problem solving,” the Wisconsin researchers said. Read the rest of this entry »

Students in India Invent an Air-Powered Motorcycle

It is no secret that India suffers from a terrible pollution problem. However, a group of engineering students may have found a solution to that problem – an economical and affordable mode of transportation that is pollution free and eco-friendly. Their answer? A motorcycle powered solely by air.

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