Free Tuition Debates Continue in Scotland

Families of American college students have bore the burden of increasing tuition fees throughout recent years and now students in England and Scotland face the same challenges. Economic circumstances have motivated the British government to re-think their previous commitment to providing higher education at no cost to students and parents. Changes in England put Scotland’s free tuition plan in the spotlight as they attempt to save their students from loans and expensive fees.

Prior to 1998, college students in Britain had the luxury of going to college for free. A parliament vote in 1998 allowed colleges to charge £1,000, with a later increase to £3,300 per year. Beginning in September 2012 colleges will have a cap of £9,000, or about $15,000, to charge students per year.

Colleges in England have announced their intent to charge the full £9,000 while Scottish schools maintain their commitment to free higher education.

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Iconic Bands Born on College Campuses

RockerWhile students enroll in college for a scholastic pursuit, many find that their college careers foster their social and artistic aspirations as well.

In fact, five iconic bands were actually humbly founded on college campuses and then grew to be the international sensations they are today.

1. Coldplay: This British band was first organized by lead vocalist Chris Martin and guitarist Johnny Buckland. The two met at University College London’s orientation week. Originally known as Pectoralz, the band changed their name after another student’s band, who was also called Coldplay, per that student’s suggestion.

2. Creed: Lead singer Scott Stapp and guitarist Mark Tremonti went to high school together in Florida but formed their band, Creed, in college at Florida State University and released their first album in 1997. Read the rest of this entry »

Mandatory Sex Education in the UK

Sarah Palin’s pregnant teenage daughter Bristol has caused renewed discussion in the issue of sex education in schools — especially since Governor Palin opposes all sex education programs that teach anything other than abstinence. Read the rest of this entry »


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