Sneak Attack: College Fees

college-feesAccording to The College Board, the average public university charges in-state students an average of $7,020 annually, and out-of-state students an average of $11,528 for four-year programs. But colleges also charge other fees which you may not have budgeted for, beyond tuition. Here are eight common fees that you might not expect, with averages costs from Smart Money.

1. Freshman Orientation: $100

During freshman orientation, colleges need to maintain dorm facilities, pay speakers and security, plus host events and parties. They pass these costs along to students. Boston University charges $215 per student, and siblings who wish to attend must pay an additional $50. Iowa State University charges $190 for freshman orientation.

2. Health Care: $30 to $2,400

Many colleges require students to have some form of health coverage. If they are covered by their parents’ plans, then they will not need to purchase a plan from the college. Health coverage options vary from school to school. At Ohio State, the premium is $2,172 per year, although many schools charge much less.

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How to Save Almost $1,000 This Month

penny jar moneyWe all know that the average college student is not exactly rolling in dough. It’s hard to work 40 hours a week when you are taking a full course load, studying, being involved in campus, pursuing an internship, and trying to get enough sleep somewhere in that mix. As a result, we students need to be somewhat frugal with our money or else we might end up eating Ramen for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. (Trust me, this is not at all pleasant.)

Here are some great tips to help you save almost $1,000  this month:

1. Brew your coffee at home instead of going to Starbucks. If you go to Starbucks every school day to get a burst of energy, you might as well just start handing them a portion of your paycheck each month. Face it: Starbucks is EXPENSIVE! Sure, the coffee is good, but is it really worth $4 or more for one cup o’ joe? I don’t think so. Try brewing your own coffee each morning or hitting up cheaper coffee shops, like McDonald’s. By eliminating Starbucks from your daily schedule, you could save up to $80 a month. Read the rest of this entry »


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