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Picking a college major is a really hard decision for some people. Sure, a few people know what they want to study in college and do with their lives from the time they are six-years old. But for most of us, having to decide what you will study and then hopefully work as for the rest of your life when we enter college is a stressful process. Luckily, there’s a new app that can help make this process much simpler for you…or at least give you a little guidance. is a new website that helps you select a college major by analyzing your skills and interests. It starts by asking you what things you are good at and what things you are interested in. After selecting up to seven things from these two categories, the app asks you to choose between your options. For example, the app asked me if I would rather study a major that had a high level of emphasis in non-English skills but little emphasis on animals, or the opposite. No Major Drama continues to evaluate your choices between the two hypothetical majors, and after you choose between all of your interests, it tells you more than 300 different majors and fields of study that would suit you.

I am studying advertising and Spanish language in college. After No Major Drama analyzed my responses, it recommended that I major in a foreign language, followed by a business recommendation. It was also correct in not recommending that I study science or mathematics, both of which are things that I do not particularly enjoy.

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