final exams

final exams

6 Ways to Get Ready for Finals Over Thanksgiving Break

If you’re a college student, I’m guessing the title of this blog doesn’t sound so appealing.  I can hear you protesting, “But it’s Thanksgiving break!  What part of break do you not understand?”.

Well, yes, of course you should enjoy your break, spend time with family and friends, and concern yourself with things other than school.  But here’s an unfortunate reality check:  final exams are coming up very soon.  If you devote just a little time over Thanksgiving to do some preparations for finals, your life maybe quite a bit easier when those exams roll around.  And hey, if you’re bummed out about studying over Thanksgiving break, keep in mind that winter break is right around the corner — and you won’t have to do any studying at all then!

Here are some tasks you can accomplish over Thanksgiving break.

  1. Make a schedule for the next few weeks. This may be the most helpful thing you can do for yourself. Before things get really hectic, do some serious time management.  Make a list of everything you have to do before the end of the semester, and map out when you’re going to do it all.  Trust me, if you do this well, it will make a difference in your performance and sanity during finals!
  2. Catch up on the reading. Now, if you’re thousands of pages behind, this might be a lost cause.  But if you’re behind just a little bit here and there, do the reading now.  You might want to catch up selectively and read the things that you think are most important.
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5 Ways To Prepare For Final Exams

If you are anything like me, you realize that finals are right around the corner. That thought scares me. I have always envied the schools that don’t have finals for the kids that have a passing grade in the class (I believe for most schools its an A), or have less than so many days missing school. As finals approach though, there are a few things to keep in mind that I believe most students (or at least high school students) will find helpful when preparing for finals.

1. Know your stuff- Look over old tests and old quizzes to see what you don’t know or where your weakest points are. Once you know where you are weakest, you can begin by studying those things, since they are the most important. This doesn’t mean you should overlook what you already did well on. Be sure to also spend time on things you know well, a little review never hurt to make sure you know your stuff!

2. Talk to your teachers- If you have any questions concerning the final or materials, ask your teacher! That’s what your teachers are for, to answer questions you may have. So if you want to know what’s on the final (if they will tell you!) or just want some extra practice with some subjects you find rather difficult, talk to your teacher. Read the rest of this entry »


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