finals week

finals week

How to Unwind After a Final

Once you turn in a final exam, the worry of how well you did on the test may override your excitement of completing a course. Remember that once you turn in that grade-determining test, there’s no going back. Whether it be a day or a week until you find out what your final grade will be, there’s no use in stressing about how well you think you did in the class.

When you leave class for the last time of the semester, you need unwind, and if you don’t know how, read these five tips on how to reduce your stress after taking a final.

See a movie: Cinema therapy is a great way to unwind and will get your mind off of those borderline grades. Thor, Jumping the Broom and Something Borrowed all open this Friday. So, grab your friends and head to your local theater. Be sure to bring your student I.D. for ticket discounts.

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The Best Study Snacks for Finals Week

Most college students know what finals week really means. It’s not about preparing for weeks in advance and walking into the classroom the day of the test, completely confident that you will earn an “A+”. No, what it’s really about is spending hours upon hours in the library, beating facts into your brain, and surviving off coffee from Starbucks and snacks from vending machines. Not very healthy, and not very good brain food, either.

The food that you eat while studying is actually very important. I bet you didn’t know that your brain uses roughly 20 percent of the daily calories you consume and it needs healthy foods to help function better. Here are some foods that will help your brain function properly, because you want every advantage on test day you can.

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This website is a either a procrastinator's best friend or worst nightmare during Finals Week, depending on how you look at it.Final exams are taking over the lives of students across the nation. Many students are spending the majority of their waking hours in the school library, studying. Or are they?

Come on, just admit it: half of your online “study time” is actually spent on Facebook or YouTube. It’s not that you plan to waste hours creeping on old friends’ pictures or watching the latest viral video, but those sneaky websites just pull you in, and before you know it, you haven’t done any studying but you have learned way too much about Taylor Lautner‘s love life.

For all of you procrastinators and Facebook addicts, there is a cure! is the answer to your prayers (or your worst nightmare, depending how you look at it). helps you stay off these addicting websites by creating an alternative link for you to use to access the website. If you click on the link more often than you should during your set amount of time, you will get a message telling you that you have to wait.

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Four Ways to Avoid Test Anxiety

It won’t be long until finals week, and if your grades are borderline, you’re probably ready to pull out you hair. “Frankie Goes to Hollywood” sang it best with the song “Relax.” Stress can cloud your thinking and bring on test anxiety.

Read these tips on how to relax, reduce stress and maximize the quality of your study time:

Cramming is a no-no: We’ve all done it. It’s no surprise that a busy college schedule caused you to cram several chapters of information into your brain within hours before the test. But if you want to avoid stress, don’t wait until the last minute. Study about an hour a night for three nights. If you know it’s going to be a comprehensive final, try studying an hour and a half each night. If you cram for a test, you will likely feel like you don’t truly know the material, which can bring on test anxiety, but if you study several nights in a row you will feel confident about your final.

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