University of Michigan Supports New Business Ventures Created by Their Researchers

University of Michigan LogoMany universities are very proud of their researchers, but not many are willing to back them up like the University of Michigan is currently doing. The school’s president, Mary Sue Coleman, announced on Wednesday that the school was starting an initiative that would help fund start-up companies that were developed through university research.

In the past, many higher education leaders have seen these types of investments as a good way to guarantee a company’s success, but they have only endorsed companies on a limited basis. Now, Michigan is starting to shake up this traditional view.

“Simply put, University of Michigan start-ups are a good financial opportunity,” Coleman said. “And the historical data have convinced us now to invest a small portion of the endowment in start-ups from all three campuses.”

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How to Talk to a Person on Nelnet

If you have any experience at all with Nelnet, you may be one of the many people who have tried to contact their customer service. Since Nelnet is a financial planning site that offers information about educational funding, there is always the possibility of questions. The web site is free to access, and gives you a direct link to services like financial planning and loan applications.nelnet

Sometimes one of the most frustrating things to deal with when trying to work with financial sites like Nelnet is making phone calls. That frustration can be compounded through things like being put on hold, not being able to understand the representative you’re talking to, dealing with an automated system or not being able to reach an actual human being. Many companies are leaning towards more automated recordings for customer service, but that doesn’t always meet the customer’s needs. Nelnet has received numerous complaints from people trying to call in and talk to an actual person.

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University of Texas Invests in Gold

Forget stocks or hedge funds. The University of Texas is investing its endowment in gold.

texas longhornsThe university, which has the fifth-largest endowment in the U.S., invested 3 percent, or $500 million, in the commodity. It is unusual for a university to invest in gold, and its value only increases during periods of inflation. Fears of an unsteady international financial market mixed with the probability of inflation have led them to purchase the precious metal.

“Recently, we’ve added 3 percent, 3 percent of our portfolio, into gold as a protection against inflation, but even more as a lack of confidence in financial markets due to extraordinary government fiscal and monetary stimulus,” Bruce Zimmerman, UTIMCO CEO, told the University of Texas board of regents last Wednesday. “I wish I could tell you the future looked rosy. Unfortunately, that’s not our view. At best, we believe the future is uncertain.” Read the rest of this entry »


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