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find a major Helps Students Find the Perfect Mentor

Deciding which major is best for you can be a stressful process. Getting halfway through your junior year and wondering if you should change your major is an even more stressful process. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you had a mentor who had been there, done that, and was willing to share his/her experiences with you? That’s where comes in.

StudentMentor is a completely free service that matches students with their ideal mentor. There are mentors who volunteer to help students in all industries, whether you are a biochemistry student or a professional writing student. Both mentors and mentees submit matching profiles and are then presented with a list of possible matches. Once you find a mentor/mentee who meets your needs, the two of you can meet and start developing a mentorship. Read the rest of this entry »

Tips to Ensure You Graduate Early

graduationWhen we think of a bachelor’s degree, we think of a four-year degree, right? It doesn’t have to be that way. If you work hard enough, you can graduate a semester early, or maybe even a year early. If you make a plan, and follow these tips, you’ll be in a cap and gown before you know it:

Take summer courses: Save some of your extracurricular classes for the summer so you get them out of the way, but won’t get bogged down with lots of homework. Consider taking something fun like yoga or bowling. If you run out of extracurriculars, see if your college offers summer pre-sessions, so you won’t waste away your summer behind a desk.

Find a major and don’t change it: It’s usually the five-year seniors who can’t seem to pick a major. So, unless you’re planning on joining them, have your major set in stone by your sophomore year. If you’re deciding between a few, pick the major that will allow you to have the most career options. Remember that you will have plenty of time after you graduate to pick another degree if need be. Read the rest of this entry »


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