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Five Exercises You Can Do in the Dorm

dorm-roomTrying to avoid the Freshman 15?

With those buffet-style cafeterias and late night study-snack breaks, it’s no wonder why we pack on the pounds in college. But eating right is only half the battle to avoiding weight gain. Exercise is also key to staying healthy. But you don’t need a gym pass to stay fit.

 Here are five exercises you can do in the privacy of your dorm.

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Pennsylvania School District Combats Childhood Obesity

kids exerciseChildhood obesity is on the rise and a new study has even shown that kids whose parents are overweight are more likely to become overweight themselves.

This is becoming a very serious public health issue, since being overweight or obese can cause a whole slew of health complications, such as high blood pressure, stroke, cancer, and many more.

What can we do to help kids stay healthy and avoid all of these problems?

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Student Athlete Scholarship from No Excuses Wear’s Shut up and Sweat Campaign

no excuses wearThere is no argument that students work exceptionally hard on a day-to-day basis, from their scholastic workload, to extracurricular sports and clubs, to part time jobs and somehow, they even manage to find time to actively volunteer in their local communities.

That’s a lot! And one company has found a way to motivate students to keep working hard so that their minds and bodies are healthy, fit and strong.

No Excuses Wear athletic workout apparel specializes in creating workout clothes that brazenly motivates you to get in shape. Recently known for their support from current and former NBC’s Biggest Loser contestants, the company is now seeking to generate college scholarships, one purchase at a time, all in the name of healthy and active living.

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Schools Use Wii as Part of New Curriculum

wiiThe other day one of my friends asked me to come over and play Wii. I had been complaining that I hadn’t made it to the gym lately because I was tired of doing the same old exercises every day.

At first, I was skeptical about using Wii to exercise, but I game it a shot and found out it was really a lot of fun!

Evidently, this discovery that Wii is pretty awesome is being made across the country, and not just by my friends and me. Two schools in Lindale, Texas, are now using the Wii as part of their school curriculum to help improve students’ health.

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Get In Shape For Spring Break

girlgetstrongGuest blogger and co-founder of Girl, Get Strong! Women’s online fitness magazine, Melanie Berezan is a fitness fun-addict, adventure seeker, boundary-pusher, writer, traveler and mum of four amazing little people. Contributor to, and Melanie is currently training for the BMO Vancouver (half) Marathon, raising funds to support Girls on the Run.

Hitting the beach for spring break?

After a long winter of studying and dorm room snacking some of us are wishing we’d spent more time working out at the gym and less time working on textbooks. 

But if that’s you, don’t panic. There’s still time to make some quick, easy and (almost) painless changes that will get you on track for your spring break bikini – without cutting into studying time.

Sound good? Read on.

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Best Colleges for Training Like an Athlete

skiingWith the 2010 Winter Olympics in full swing, the motivation to get moving and get in shape just like the Team USA athletes is contagiously inspiring.

While it may be too late to capitalize on the Olympic dreams you had when you were eight-years-old, it’s never too late to workout like a professional athlete, even if you’re a busy student.

Here are the top five schools where staying fit is as much a part of the collegiate experience as cramming for finals and paying too much for college textbooks. Just keep in mind that there is no special ranking to this list.

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How to Stay in Shape in College

coed sportsAs a college freshman, one of the biggest transitions you face in moving from high school to college is your health and physical shape. Too many students give in to the constant buffet of pizza, soda, poor sleeping habits and fairly inactive lifestyle (save for trekking from the financial aid office to the bookstore). Thus, they become victim to the freshman 15. It’s completely avoidable though, you just have to make it a priority to include activity into your daily schedule.

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Make Back to School Healthier for the Kids

children jumpingSchool supply lists are full of reminders to buy sharpened pencils, a particular ruled paper, an exact number of binders, and even how long a pair of shorts has to be. Where on those lists do they encourage parents to send their kids to school with apples instead of fruit snacks, or to play outside instead of in front of video games? Those tips aren’t on those lists, so we had to make our own list.

Keeping school children fueled with healthy food, keeping them active and getting enough sleep are just some of the ways to ensure your children’s health and how well they perform in school.

Here are some articles offering tips, guidance and insight to parents, teachers and other care providers to make this the healthiest back to school yet!

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How to Prevent the Freshman 15

For a college freshman, the myths that surround their new lifestyles seem to abound. You really do have to go to class, you don’t get to drink beer all day, and your parents will still know what’s going on. college girls pizza party

One thing that is most definitely not a myth and will catch up with you faster than shower fungus is the Freshman 15, or the Freshmen 15. It’s very real, very unhealthy, and totally avoidable.

What is it? It’s this 15 or so pounds that college freshmen pack on. Their lifestyles completely change from their home environments. Their sleep habits are off, they’re probably not taking a gym class, and their diet consists of soda, pizza and whatever they can grab with their meal points while cruising through the student union. Read the rest of this entry »

Texas Students’ Academics Benefit from Fitness

pe classA new study published this week by Dr. Kenneth Cooper, of the Cooper Institute of Dallas, suggests that students in Texas are greatly benefiting by being physically active. Their testing scores are higher and their behavior is better. Cooper performed physical fitness assessments with more than 2.4 million students in Texas’ public schools. The children who were the most fit and engaged in the most exercise were the ones who saw a greater capacity to learn. On standardized tests required of public school students in Texas, the “TAKS” test or Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills, results were higher in these active children. Schools also reported better attendance.

While physical education programs continually fall to the bottom of budget priorities for school districts, Sen. Jane Nelson is sponsoring legislation that will raise the P.E. credits required by Texas’ middle school children. The state currently requires four semesters of physical education classes, she is proposing six.

“There is more work to do to combat obesity and get children in shape,” said Nelson, “We need to move forward on this issue as if lives depend on it – because they do.”



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