freshman in the kitchen

freshman in the kitchen

Interview with Freshman in the Kitchen’s Eli Sussman

freshman-in-the-kitchenI had the great pleasure to speak with Eli Sussman, co-author of the just-released cookbook, Freshman in the Kitchen. As a recent graduate from Michigan State University, Eli knows a thing or two about what it’s like for college students to try to eat a decent (and economical) meal in between darting off to lectures, class, the library and the bar.

He and his brother Max, who co-authored the book, have spent years cooking in restaurants, summer camps and for friends and family. From line cooks to food runners, these brothers have done it all in the kitchen and they are anxious to share their tricks of the trade and their favorite recipes with you.

Just a few days after their appearance on the Today Show, we caught up with Eli to talk to him about his new book.

Where did the motivation come from to write Freshman in the Kitchen?

My brother Max and I have been in the food and restaurant business for years. We wanted to create a cookbook that was for anyone — the novice in the kitchen to someone who is very comfortable with cooking. Since we have been working in restaurants all of our lives and we’ve amassed a good deal of skills and knowledge between us. We wanted to share that with people in a way that is fun, simple and takes the fear out of cooking. Read the rest of this entry »

Ace College Cooking 101 with Freshman in the Kitchen

freshman-in-the-kitchenCreated by two brothers who just graduated from Michigan State University, Max and Eli Sussman know a thing or two when it comes to cooking. Having spent a few solid years working for high-scale (and low-scale) restaurants and country clubs, the brothers created an entertaining and fun guide for anyone who has shied away from laboring in that little but ever so important room in their house known as The Kitchen.

The cookbook was specifically designed with college students in mind. From their meager budgets to their lack of kitchen appliances and their socially-conscious minds, Freshman in the Kitchen offers simple recipes that require no heating or oven-baking at all, and then it moves on to more elaborate recipes when you are feeling more confident with your culinary skills. Read the rest of this entry »


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