Frog Dissection

Frog Dissection

Frog Dissection Goes Digital in High Schools

High school students in California have turned in their scalpels to go digital. Conservations groups Animal Welfare Institute and Save the Frogs have made a deal with Rancho Verde High School by offering digital anatomy programs in return for giving up the traditional biology assignment of frog dissection in class. The groups are offering similar deals to high schools who are willing to ban dissection for 5 five years.

Digital Frog 2.5 is a virtual program teaching students about anatomy, dissection, and ecology. A virtual scalpel allows students to practice the same cuts they would in class but focuses on the anatomy of the frog by providing comprehensive videos and lessons. The digital program also permits students to practice often without wasting frogs and racking up classroom costs.

Conservation groups argue that using digital dissection lessons is a more humane, cost effective and educational tool for science students. Beyond the virtual scalpel, the Digital Frog 2.5 program offers comprehensive vocabulary, assignments, quizzes, conservation and ecology lessons. Ditching the traditional wet lab frog dissection was found by one study to accomplish the same amount of learning in 44% less time.

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PETA Pitches Anti-Dissection Ads in Schools

PETA Ads on Lockers

EDU in Review just recently brought you the article about the Centennial School District in Minneapolis, Minnesota and their plans to review and vote on a proposal to sell advertising space on school lockers to generate money for the school system.

The history making decision is scheduled to be decided on November 1, 2010 and political activist group PETA has sent a letter to the school board’s office to submit an anti-dissection advertisement, now that they have learned of the school’s potential plan. Read the rest of this entry »

Frog Dissection iPad App Allows Students to Learn without Harming Frogs

The Frog Dissection App for iPads

My least favorite class in high school was biology, which isn’t strange because I like science and I really enjoy learning about the world around me. So, it seems like biology should have been one of my favorite classes right? Well, it was…until we had to dissect a frog.

I don’t know if you have ever dissected a frog, but it was an awful experience for me. First off, they stink. Really, really badly. Secondly, I hate dead things; they just give me the creeps. And the third major problem for me was that a frog had to die so that I could dig around in its intestines. It just was not at all pleasant for me.

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