george washington university

george washington university

Baby-Boomer College Presidents Embrace Student Life

snowball fightCollege presidents are going beyond the nine-to-five office hours. At my alma matter, Friends University, our president was constantly getting involved with the student body. Whether it was playing Frisbee with the students that lived in the dorms or grilling burgers for the football team, Biff Green was, and continues, reaching out to his students.

The baby-boomer presidents, which were raised during the anti-establishment of the ’60s, want to be more than a poised picture hanging on the wall. They’ve become unlike their straitlaced Dean Wormer predecessors. And they seem to be more comfortable hanging out with freshmen than attending donor luncheons. Read the rest of this entry »

President Obama’s Commencement Speech Schedule for 2010

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The school year is finally winding down. For many seniors, commencement is at the front of their minds (after finals and job hunting, of course). Usually, the most memorable thing about a commencement ceremony is the speaker. Last year, President Obama gave several commencement speeches on college campuses. At the University of Notre Dame, the president was greeted with outrage due to his pro-choice stance on abortion.

This year, President Obama plans to give commencement speeches at colleges across the country.

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iPad Banned at Cornell, Princeton and George Washington University

ipadBefore the die-hard Apple fans get their wireless devices in a tizzy, hear them out. The universities actually make a somewhat fair point. While some universities are embracing the newest Apple gadget with free iPads for students, other schools say they are not welcome.

Princeton and George Washington University announced that they are banning the iPad from their campuses. Princeton and GWU cite security risks. A third university, Cornell, voices concern that students will monopolize the bandwidth available on the university’s network and is looking in to the issue.

Hmm, what about the laptops they are already using? It seems that the iPad is not compatible with security features on Cornell’s and GWU’s networks, and it’s not an issue they face with standard laptops which run operating systems like Windows or OS X. Read the rest of this entry »


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