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Princess Beatrice Graduates from Goldsmiths College

Princess Beatrice, perhaps best known for the eccentric hat she wore to cousin Prince William’s wedding day, graduated from Goldsmiths College on Friday, Sept. 9. She left her unusual head wear at home, and graced her diploma day in traditional cap and gown.

The princess, who is fifth in line to the thrown, earned a two-for-one degree in history and history of ideas from the university, located in London. Her three years in college were spent studying the classic writings of Plato, Aristotle, Confucius and Freud.

“I have had the most amazing university experience. Goldsmiths College is a wonderful place to study,” Beatrice said. “I am so lucky to have had the support of the incredible tutors and staff. I am so excited about my results. I wish everyone graduating today congratulations as well.”

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Britain’s Princess Beatrice Goes to University

When you’re a typical freshman, you have all kinds of stresses in your life — a new roommate, homesickness, worries about finances, worries about classes, and so forth. When you’re a princess, though, you probably don’t have these worries. Princess Beatrice of York — the oldest daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson — just started Goldsmith’s College in London, where she plans to study history and the history of ideas.  Beatrice is living in nearby St. James Palace, so she doesn’t have to worry about dorm life and cafeteria food and such.

What you do have to worry about when you’re a princess and a college student is that the media’s going to be watching your every move, especially in the UK, where there’s an insatiable appetite for news about the royals. Poor Beatrice quickly learned that after a night of partying that caused her to be 20 minutes late to her philosophy class, she’s all over the tabloids.  Oops.  There’s also much ado being made about her pricey Louis Vuitton satchel that she uses to carry her books.

Think of that the next time you’re 20 minutes late for class.  Yes, you have to worry about roommates and tuition, but you don’t have your every move scrutinized by the media.


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