grade inflation

grade inflation

French Diet Guru Promotes Grade Inflation Based on Students’ BMIs

Author of the Dukan Diet

Dr. Pierre Dukan

Pierre Dukan is a diet guru from France who created The Dukan Diet, which many celebrities swear by. However, he is now moving on from his traditional audience – adults who want to lose weight by eating a diet that is very heavy in meat – to a new audience: high school students.

In his new book, which will be published on Thursday, January 5, 2012, Dukan makes a recommendation to the future president of France to institute a program that will encourage students to maintain a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI), which can be determined by comparing a person’s height and weight.  This seems like a good idea; students should learn about healthy lifestyle choices in order to become healthy adults. However, Dukan recommends giving the students higher grades if they have an acceptable BMI.

Wait a second, is he really suggesting grade inflation for students who are in shape? Evidently, the answer is yes.

“There is nothing wrong with educating children about nutrition,” Dukan said. “this will not change anything for those who do not need to lose weight. For the others, it will motivate them.” He claims that his new education plan is “a good way to sensitize teenagers to the need for a balanced diet.”

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Law Schools Practicing Grade Inflation

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Can you imagine waking up one morning, logging on to your school account, and realizing that you GPA had jumped 0.333 over night? I’m sure I would celebrate, but also be completely confused. However, if I went to Loyola Marymount Law School in Los Angeles, I would not be surprised at all. In fact, I would have been expecting it.

Since 2008, at least 10 law schools have altered their students’ GPAs by making their grading systems more lenient, according to the New York Times. These are major universities we are talking about also. Some of the schools practicing this grade inflation include New York University, Tulane University, and Georgetown.

Why would they do this?

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