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Get the Insider’s Scoop on the New GRE

Educational Testing Services and Graduate Record ExaminationsTaking the the Graduate Record Examinations, better known as the GRE, is a must for many people applying to graduate school. The test was taken by about 675,000 people in 2010, and the number of business schools accepting the GRE for MBA applicants has quadrupled in the past four years.

The Educational Testing Services will be making some of the biggest changes in the GRE’s 60-year history this coming summer. The revised test will feature new kinds of questions and will be graded on a very different scoring scale. The computer-based test, which is used in the majority of testing locations around the world, will also introduce a number of features to make the experience better for test-takers. The main goal of revising the test is to better evaluate “kind of things that students are actually doing when they get into graduate school or business school,” said Dawn Piacentino, the director of communications and client services for the GRE in a phone interview with EduInReview.

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The Top 10 Nursing Schools in the US

nursesSo you’ve decided you want to go into the medical field, but you don’t necessarily want to be a doctor. It’s a lot of school, crazy hours, and the possibility of being sued for medical malpractice every day. Talk about stress.

Maybe you should go to nursing school. Registered nurses make close to $50,000 a year. Nurses also interact more regularly with patients, have set hours, and can specialize in any field they want.

If you are considering going to nursing school, you want to go to the best school possible, right? Here’s US News’ list of the top 10 nursing schools in the country.

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Top 10 Public Health Schools in the U.S.

vaccinationPublic health. It’s a term that gets tossed around a lot, but most people are exactly sure what a public health practitioner does. There are two types of public health care. The first is concerned with preventive health concerns, instead of curative aspects of health care. The second deal with health issues that concern the entire population level, such as a sudden outbreak of the flu or the spread of HIV/AIDS.

Public health has been practiced longer in Europe than in the U.S. According to Wikipedia, the first public health school was only established in 1916. These public health schools teach students to deal with health issues that plague large percentages of the general public. These issues include things like diabetes, smoking, and tuberculosis.

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The 10 Best Fine Arts Schools

artWhat exactly can you do with a Masters degree in Fine Arts? Well, you have three main options:

1. Have you always been gifted with a pencil? Maybe sculpting breathtaking works of art form a mound of clay is more your style. Do you want to be a professional artist? Sure, it might be rough going, financially, but the emotional appeal of doing art for art’s sake is too strong for some creative geniuses.
2. Or perhaps you want to share your gift with others and teach students how to express themselves through art. Imagine helping a kindergarten student trace his fingers and create a turkey for Thanksgiving. Or do you see yourself critiquing the final projects of a senior high school art class and helping them prepare for entrance exams to top art schools?
3. Your final main option is to go into graphic arts. Once you master Photoshop, Paint, Illustrator, or another similar program, you could find yourself creating video games, advertisements, newsletters, pamphlets, and so much more.

So, all of these sounds appealing to you? Then check out US News’ list of the top 10 schools to earn a Masters in Fine Arts degree.

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The Best Business Schools in the U.S.

harvard business schoolA lot of students study business. It’s a wide degree program, with plenty of different career paths after graduation. So how can you decide which business school is the best for you?

The Princeton Review compared more than 300 business schools from across the country to determine which are the cream-of-the-crop. Here are their top five business schools, based upon which schools have the best professors, which have the best career prospects, and which have the best classroom experience.

The Best Professors

1.    Harvard University: Business School
2.    University of Virginia: Darden Graduate School of Business Administration
3.    University of Michigan- Ann Arbor: Stephen M. Ross School of Business

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The Best Medical Schools in the U.S.

medical is currently doing a series of the best graduate schools in the U.S. Below is a list of the best medical research schools.

These schools were selected by US News, based on several factors, including assessments by residency directors, average research activity per faculty member, and average MCAT score of accepted students.

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