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Ohio Plan Turning Graduates Into Homeowners

If the Ohio Senate has its way, its in-state graduates could also become homeowners. “Grants for Grads” is a $2 million grant program that proposes college graduates receive anywhere from $2,500 to $10,000, depending on level of degree earned, payable toward the down payment on a new home. The recipients must agree to live in the state of Ohio for no less than five years.young homeowners

To be eligible for one of the 300 grants, students will have to register within 60 days of graduation and have 12 months to use it.

“If we truly want to get our economy back on track, Ohio cannot afford to lose the next generation of skilled workers to other states,” said Sen. Stephen Buehrer, R-Delta, who is sponsoring the bill. “This program will provide an extra incentive for our best and brightest to purchase their own homes and become invested in our communities.”

It’s a win-win for students who might not otherwise have the funds available to purchase a new home and create room in their budgets to pay toward student loans. Also a way to stimulate the housing market in Ohio.

Do you think it’s a plan that could work in other states?

College Grads Choosing Careers in Reality TV

old tvSo, the economy is less than stellar right now. It’s bad news for everyone, including college graduates. Students are having a hard time finding a job, especially in their chosen field like business finance major Darrell Riggins. He told CNN “he sees more opportunities within the world of reality television than in the actual job market.”

Which is why more and more college grads are running to casting call sites to get 15 minutes of fame and hopefully a paying career. Momlogic has a bit more on this story.

Paychecks Motivating College Students, Not Happiness

Add foresight to the list of Generation Y’s credentials. A recent survey by Experience Inc. indicates that students are planning now for paying off their student loans- 47% said they chose a career path based on their student loan impact.

College graduates are taking preemptive measures to deal with the financial ramifications of student loan debt,” said Jenny Floren, founder and CEO of Experience.

About two-thirds of students currently attending college are likely to accept employment with a company offering loan repayment or assistance. And sadly, nearly half of students surveyed said they’d accept a job with a higher paycheck, even if it meant not being happy with the job, as a means to pay student loans.

It’s definitely a signal to HR directors everywhere- the next time you revisit employee benefits, a student loan program is going to be imperative to attract the next generation of employees.

Celebrity College Graduates

Toss your graduation caps to these celebs. They are not only wildly talented, but have college degrees to fall back on should their careers ever go south. With so many celebs bypassing college, and even high school, educations to chase fortune and fame amidst the lights of Hollywood, it’s refreshing to see these individuals investing in themselves with education.ashton kutcher

Adam Sandler New York University – Fine Arts

Ashton KutcherUniversity of Iowa – Biochemical Engineering

Reese WitherspoonUniversity of Texas–  English

Renee ZellwegerUniversity of Texas–  English

Ashley OlsonNew York University – Currently attending

Jennifer GarnerDenison University – Chemistry

Natalie Portman
Harvard – Psychology

College Grads Are OK with Living with Their Parents

Telling people you live with your parents doesn’t quite have the embarrassing ring it once did. According to, more college graduates are moving home with their parents following graduation than have in the past few years.father and son

Up ten percent from just two years ago, 77 percent of college graduates are settling back in with their parents. The economy seems to be part of the reason, but a career services rep at University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, Sarah Zehr, suggests Generation Y has “close relationships with their parents” and that the usual stigma associated with living at home don’t apply. It’s a trend she says isn’t completely related to the economy.

Do you have plans to move home after graduation? Did you move home after graduation, and what were your reasons?


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