College Students are Graduating with Even More Debt

student loansThe cost of earning a college education has been a concern for many families for years. A new report reveals that this concern should be increasing because the average amount of debt that a student graduates with has also been increasing.

According to the New York Times, the Project on Student Debt reports that the average college senior graduated in 2009 with $24,000 in debt. This is up six percent from 2008.

The unemployment rate for recent college graduates has also increased since 2008. It is now 8.7 percent, which is the highest annual rate on record. Read the rest of this entry »

Graduating Early Has Pros and Cons

graduationMost students take four to six years to graduate from college. Some take longer, but the average is around there. However, with college tuition costs sky-rocketing, some students are trying to cram a four-year degree program into three years.

Now, several schools, including Hartwick College, are redesigning their programs so students can graduate in three years, saving around $50,000.

Carmen Lookshire is a freshman at Hartwick and plans on graduating in only three years.

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Countdown to Graduation

It is so weird to sit down and realize that I have only four months of high school left. Granted, a lot will be happening in these four months, it feels like such a short time compared to the three-and-a-half years I have already been through.

All of my “lasts” are finally starting to hit me. My last homecoming is in two weeks. My last spirit week is next week. My last softball season starts in a month. It all seems so strange to think about how next August I won’t be walking the halls of East High, but rather walking across campus to get to one of my first college courses. While this seems strange, it is also something I believe I am well prepared for. After hearing from four schools and still waiting to hear from another six, I realize I will actually have a decision when it comes to where I end up. Many students are afraid they will only be presented with one offer or be cornered into going to a certain school, but thankfully, this is not my case. And as I anxiously await to hear from the other six schools, my anxiety level has lessened since I know I already have quite the decision to make.

So while the idea of leaving East High behind and starting a new chapter in my life may sound scary, it also excites me. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next four months but also the months to follow.


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