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Many students who are pursuing their master’s degree or doctorate degree can probably relate to this situation: After four years of undergraduate work, at least two years of graduate work, endless hours spent devoted to selecting the perfect thesis and even more endless hours actually writing the thesis paper, you turn the project that has consumed your life for the past several years in to a professor who reads it, grades it, and then never glances at it again. What a complete let down! However, a new website is giving these hardworking souls something to grin about, and it is so proud of it’s ability to do so, that it is simply called is an online community of authors, students, professors, and millions of users who come together to share their knowledge. was created by Europeans who wanted to allow anyone to publish their works online as books or ebooks so that they could make a monetary profit off of all their hard work. This allows writers to become published authors, a process that can be very difficult, expensive, and time-consuming when you use a traditional publishing house. With, all a person has to do upload their book to the server, and if it is accepted, they automatically earn 10 Euros and their paper is published on the website.

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