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group project

How to Work Well on a Group Project

College brings with it several different examples of real life. The whole point of college is to educate you on a particular subject so that you can go on to learn even more about it in the work force. You may notice as a college student that you are required to work on various different group projects as well as individual assignments. This is important because that’s how many career jobs work. You often have to work with a group of people to create a final project. While working within that group, you will have individual elements that you are responsible for. Working in a group can have advantages and disadvantages, largely weighing on the personalities and work ethic of the group members. Below are some tips for working well on a group project and pull your own weight. Even if you haven’t been assigned to work in a group before, you can use these tips for future projects whether related to work, school or even a family event.

  • Divide and conquer. Take your assignment or project and divide it into some to-do items. Assign those to the members of the group. Be sure to schedule a time that everyone should have their part done and brought back to the group. Email is your friend if you can’t make it to the next group meeting. That way you aren’t holding up progress for the project and are still doing your part. If everyone agrees on what they are doing, you can easily knock out the project and achieve success.

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