Gun Safety

Gun Safety

Preschooler Brings Gun to School

gunYesterday morning, a five-year-old boy took a gun to school in West Bay, Florida. Although the gun was not loaded, authorities are still worried and the boy’s mother is under investigation.

According to a local news station, WKMG, the boy found the gun on the floor in the back of his mother’s car, and put the weapon in his backpack to show his friends later. The child’s mother reports that she did not know the gun was in her car.

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Homeschool Student Gets Suspended For Bringing Gun Shell to School

empty shotgun bullet shellA firstgrade home-schooler, Matthias Beattie, was suspended for one week because he took a shotgun shell to his school.

Beattie is not an Iowa public school system student according to state law because his first-grade class is held at a church, but county officials released a statement that all homeschool students are bound to discipline policies set forth by the state.

And in Iowa, there is a zero tolerance policy in regards to weapons.

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