guns on campus

guns on campus

Guns on College Campuses: Protective Measure or Dangerous Catalyst?

At least a dozen states, with Arizona at the forefront, are currently pondering the controversial idea of allowing guns on college campuses. Lawmakers, college students and other big-thinkers are taking the debate of gun control on campus very seriously.

Advocates argue that zoning schools as gun-free provides a deranged psychopath with an all-too-easy target. In the right (or rather, wrong) state of mind, someone may view a campus of unarmed students as vulnerable and weak. Theoretically, students and faculty would have a better chance of protecting themselves and each other if they were armed. It may also deter mentally unstable individuals from initiating an attack if they know that teachers or students could fire back. I believe the saying goes, “an armed society is a polite society.” Arizona State Representative, Jack Harper, says “When law-abiding, responsible adults are able to defend themselves, crime is deterred.” There’s something to be said for self-defense and the preservation of life but it’s worth noting that this isn’t the Wild West. Fighting violence with violence may not be the answer.

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Pro-Gun Group Fights for Concealed Weapons on Campus

A pro-gun group is arguing that students should be aloud to bring concealed weapons to the University of Arkansas campus. Arkansas Carry, a group formed to promote gun rights, wrote a letter Monday asking the Department of Education to allow students with concealed-carry permits to be able to bring guns on campus.

Currently, state law bans guns from college campus events, buildings and other property owned by the university. Arkansas Carry, however, believes that the law is being misinterpreted.

The letter, which was sent to the Director of the Arkansas Department of Higher Education Jim Purcell  states that a 2003 attorney general’s opinion allows students to bring handguns to campus as long as they don’t bring them in a university building. As it is now, students who bring a gun to a school parking lot face expulsion.

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