Wake Technical Community College Put on Lockdown Due to Armed Intruder

community college logoA community college in Raleigh, North Carolina, was under lockdown this morning because an armed intruder is supposedly on the school’s campus. The local sheriff’s office received a phone call at 9:00am this morning saying that a man with a gun was on Wake Technical Community College’s campus.

“No one is allowed in or off of Main Campus at this time,” a note on the school’s website said. “We will post more information as it becomes available.

An hour after the phone call was received, it was reported that the police had blocked the main entrance to the school. Luckily for morning commuters, the traffic near the school was not affected. Police deputies went to the campus and investigated the call.

The lockdown was lifted around 10:45am and classes are expected to resume again at 1:00pm EST today. Luckily, nobody was hurt in this incident.

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Guns are Now Legally Allowed on Some College Campuses

PistolWhile one could easily go online and search for where to buy AK 47 Rifles only to find themselves surrounded by many choices, is it safe to carry guns in public? Even for self-protection? The argument has been going on for a while now: should students and teachers be able to carry concealed weapons on university campuses? Advocates say that by not allowing students to arm themselves, we are making college campuses a vulnerable target for deranged psychopaths. Those who oppose the policy think that campuses should be a safe-zone where there are no weapons allowed. For a long time, most colleges have not been allowing guns on their campuses. However, it seems that there might be an upcoming shift in this policy.

On Wednesday, the state of Oregon overturned a rule that prohibited guns on state campuses. This made it legal for those who have concealed carry permits to bring their guns onto college grounds. Colorado and Utah also have similar laws.

During the summer of 2011, Wisconsin and Mississippi both passed laws that allow anyone with a concealed weapons permit to bring their guns onto public campuses. Interestingly enough, the new law in Mississippi conflicts with a current law in the state that does not allow anyone to carry a weapon in a public or private school building.

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Should Guns Be Allowed on a College Campus?

Imagine you are sitting in your Intro to Political Science classroom. It’s a lecture hall and there are almost 250 people enrolled in your class. The professor is kind of boring, so you glance over to your left and see another student’s open backpack. Inside the backpack is a gun, and he’s reaching into his bag right now. Scary right?

It’s scenarios like this one that make most universities hesitant to allow students with concealed-carry permits to bring their handguns onto the campus. The student from my example might just be reaching for a pencil, but he could also be reaching for the gun, which he would be legally allowed to have on campus. Not good, right?

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