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Fuel Up to Play 60 Encourages Schools and Students to Beat Obesity

For the second year, Fuel Up to Play 60 is corralling students, schools and parents to take daily steps to healthy up their lives and combat childhood obesity.

The funding initiative provides money to help schools jump-start and sustain healthy nutrition and physical activity improvements. Any U.S. school, K – 12, can enroll in the free program and thus be eligible to apply for up to $3,000 to help increase awareness of and access to nutrient-rich foods and physical activity opportunities for students. Read the rest of this entry »

Vegan College Students Should Check Out PETA’s Vegan College Cookbook

College is a time for trying new things. You could do something extreme, like taking up skydiving as a hobby, or maybe something a little less extreme, like adopting a vegan lifestyle.

It doesn’t matter if you have never “gone vegan” before or if you are a life-long vegan, if you are a college vegan, then you should give this cookbook a look. From PETA comes The Vegan College Cookbook: 275 Easy, Cheap, and Delicious Recipes to Keep You Vegan at School.

The Vegan College Cookbook teaches you the basics of being vegan, including how to transform your favorite non-vegan dishes into meatless wonders. For example, did you know that you can make a vegan cake with only two ingredients: cake mix and a can of soda. That’s it: simple, cheap, and vegan. Not bad, huh?

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Brett Hoebel’s Education and Fitness Background

For all of you Biggest Loser fans, this is a name you’re going to want to be familiar with: Brett Hoebel. Hoebel is an international fitness expert, personal trainer for celebrities, and could quite possibly be the newest Biggest Loser trainer for season 11.

Hoebel is not just some muscular guy who spends too much time in the gym. He developed his workout plans based on his studies as an undergraduate and graduate student. As an undergrad, Hoebel majored in biomedical science with hopes of becoming a doctor. Then, in his post-grad studies, he studied functional strength training, nutrition, yoga, and holistic health.

According to, he is also certified in Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching, Metabolic Typing, Holistic Exercise Kinesiology, Hatha Yoga, and Prenatal & Postpartum Conditioning. He also has published papers with UCLA, New York University, and Princeton University.

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Stay Healthy During Travel Season

It’s almost time to travel home for Thanksgiving. Crowded airports, public restrooms, taxi cabs and trains make it even harder to stay healthy during cold and flu season. If you aren’t careful (and sometimes even if you are) you could return from vacation and be too sick for class. Here are a few ways to avoid getting sick during your holiday travels.

  • Pack your own snacks. Immune boosting foods that are rich in antioxidants will help you fight off germs.
  • Too much caffeine and too much alcohol will dehydrate you. Green tea, 100 percent fruit juice and water will all keep you hydrated and help boost your immune system.

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Best Cardio Exercises for the Dorm Room

Usually when we think of cardio, we think of clocking miles on a treadmill, going out for a long run around campus or jumping through a hip-hop dance class. However, you don’t need a lot of space or expensive equipment to get in a sweat session- you can sneak in a solid cardio workout from your dorm room.

Perfect for those cold winter days when you don’t feel like battling the snow to head across campus to the gym or when it’s simply too late to switch into your workout gear, these dorm room cardio exercises will get your heart thumping without stepping a foot outside.

1. Lunges: This classic fitness move is usually thought of as a resistance exercise, but if you do them quickly enough, you can raise your heart rate and use them as cardio. Lunges strengthen your legs, your core, bum, and calves. Start with both feet together and step your right foot forward bending your knee at a 90-degree angle and lowering your body into a lunge position. Return your right foot to center and repeat on the left side. Start out by doing ten lunges, gradually working your way up to 25. Add some variety and try side lunges, back lunges and walking lunges along the dorm room hallways. Read the rest of this entry »

Best and Worst Drink Choices at Holiday Parties

For college upperclassmen, especially those in high profiled company internships programs, holiday parties can be a little stressful. Often times students are wondering what to wear, how much to drink, is it okay to even drink at all and most commonly, should they even bother going? The answer is yes, of course you should go. Holiday parties can be fun and great networking opportunities, but you should definitely be conscious of your alcohol consumption.

Obviously, you should never overindulge with alcohol, or drink irresponsibly, but you should also consider the calories you’re ingesting along with that cocktail.

Here is a list of the best and worst cocktail choices for the calorie-conscious that are typically served at holiday parties to give you a better idea of just what those drinks will set you back.

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Best and Worst Pies to Indulge in This Holiday Season

The holiday season is quickly approaching and one popular American tradition is the assortment of pies that will grace your holiday table.

Whether your heading home to a home-cooked meal courtesy of mom or dad, or staying on campus and creating a dorm room delight, skipping dessert is probably the last thing you’re considering.

So, instead of depriving your body of a holiday treat, check out our list of the best and worst pies (according to calorie and fat gram count) typically served at holiday parties to give you an idea of what kind of semi-healthy indulging you’re willing to engage in. Read the rest of this entry »

Best and Worst Dips to Indulge in at College Football Parties

College football season is well under way and while most students are worried about the stats, the players, and the pigskin, there are a few of us football fans out there that enjoy the sport, but also love the socializing that comes with watching games.

From tailgating on the campus lawns to beer pong in the dorms, college students cheer on their teams from the sidelines, but also from their couches while watching the game on television. Either way, students will often throw game day parties and, thus, a plethora of fattening (yet irresistibly delicious) foods is not far behind.

The most popular game day snack is probably the chips and dip set up. Although affordable and quick to prepare (lets get real- most of you are buying chips and dips from your local grocery story and simply adding a spoon once you pop the lid), chips and dip can also be a delicious, but dangerous, delight.

Here is a list of the best and worst popular dips, according to calorie and fat content, to give you an idea of just what kind of indulging you’re willing to undergo. Read the rest of this entry »

Build Strong Arms from Your Dorm Room

You don’t need a personal trainer to have Jennifer Aniston’s strong, sculpted shoulders, or Jessica Biel’s amazing, athletic guns. In fact, all you really need for a rocking pair of arms is what you already have in your dorm room.

If you have trouble getting to the campus gym, give these exercises a try. Commit to doing them three to four times a week for one month and notice the difference the next time you wear a tank top or a strapless dress.

1. Chair Dips (Tricep Dips): Use a stable chair on an even surface- your desk chair should do just fine. Sit on the chair with your butt right on the edge and place your hands on either side of your hips. Slowly walk your feet out so your butt is a few inches in front of the seat, all your body weight is on your hands and heels. Gently bend your elbows so your bottom lowers towards the floor. Once you hit 90 degrees in your elbows, push through your hands and return to starting position. Try 10 dips to start, and gradually increase the number of repetitions until you feel a subtle burn in your triceps.

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Flu Prevention Tips for College Students

sickClose living quarters, shared bathrooms, cafeteria-style meals: the daily routine of a college student is a breeding ground for germs to spread. Since flu season is just upon us, it is important for college kids to reduce their risk for contracting this debilitating illness.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), an estimated 10 to 20 percent of people in the United States get the flu each season. More than 200,000 people are hospitalized by flu complications, and about 36,000 people actually die from the flu.

For college students, being sidelined by the flu not only means serious aches and pains, but it also means missed days of classwork and homework, not to mention no Friday night frat parties for a few weeks. Read the rest of this entry »


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